Modo has developed into a software that is capable of many things. The underlying architecture allows the tools to be used in almost unlimited ways. This is not surprising, because every modern VFX pipeline needs versatile software. Modo is ideal for creating 3D configurators.

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This versatility often means that it is difficult to develop applications like Modo and that is also a good thing. The disadvantage of this versatility is that it can sometimes be difficult to get a clear picture of what the software can offer them, especially if their workspace is very specific.

So if you’re working in product design or design visualization and are curious about Modo, here are 10 arguments why you should take a closer look at Modo.

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Modo’s renderer is an advanced, fully integrated part of the application and can create stunning images of incredible quality at eye level with any leading rendering solution. Modo’s Shader Tree allows you to mask and place rendering similar to Photoshop, and includes a powerful override system that lets you easily experiment with the materials you create. A license of Modo gives you the ability to create your own render farm with unlimited nodes, making Modo an incredibly economical solution for large format rendering, and finally the preview viewport gives you an interactive preview of the rendered scene so that changes can be seen in context with incredible speed.


Modo allows them to create a variety of preset types. Material presets can be saved from the shader tree and then dragged and dropped onto elements in the scene, environmental maps can be quickly loaded as presets or simply dragged from the browser as image files, complete light rigs can be saved as assemblies and loaded as needed. In addition, mesh specifications allow you to quickly design a scene. Modo’s preset system allows them not only to manage the assets they create, but also to access a large number of presets available through the Foundry Share site.

Mesh fusion.

Mesh Fusion is a plug-in for Modo that allows you to achieve real-time Booleans with subdivision surfaces. It allows you to use Modo’s extended range of organic modeling tools and deformers to create complex connections, intersections, or subtractions. The best part of this is that this compound is completely under tension, as any changes made to the objects that drive the fusion leak out, making the entire process non-destructive. This makes it the perfect tool for experiments with complex organic surfaces and the resulting waterproof mesh is easy to print.


Modo’s flexible VFX rigging system can be used to develop useful tools that can support your design process. For example, a rig can be created that can incorporate parametric values into a model to help you define hard points in a design, and animation formers can be used to perform various non-destructive modeling tasks.

3D Sketch.

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Modo’s 3D painting tools can be used to sketch directly onto a base volume so that you can make 3D decisions very early in the design process, and 2D sketches that you may have prepared can be projected onto a volume to serve as a basis for further painting or modeling.

SUBD Modeling.

SUBD Modeling allows you to create objects by constructing surfaces consisting of flat polygonal surfaces and then spontaneously dividing these surfaces to smoothen them. Because of the nature of this surface, the ability to edit it is not limited by the way it is constructed, so changes can be made locally without affecting the rest of the model. This means that by using sketches as a guide, three-dimensional volumes can be quickly created and then intuitively deformed with a range of organic editing tools such as Falloffs. This, combined with the ability to sharpen edges, makes it an ideal medium for quickly defining and experimenting with complex organic surfaces.

Mesh Clean-Up.

Mesh data can often be messy when it comes from sources you can’t control, but Modo’s sophisticated polygon modeling toolset gives you all the tools you need to solve most problems. The star of the toolset is Mesh Clean-Up, a utility that scans your mesh for problems and fixes them automatically.

CAD Loader.

The Powertranslater plugin for Modo allows you to load STEP, IGES and Parasolid files directly into Modo. The nice thing about this plug-in is that you can control the tessellation per element after the object is loaded and get a preview of the tessellation while adjusting different values. This gives you the ability to really optimize the resulting mesh and, in combination with Modo’s native Solidworks support on Windows, allows you to add a variety of CAD files for rendering in Modo.

VFX Toolset.

When it comes to visualizing a product, you often have to do something more creative than just place it against a white background. Here you can really use all of Modo’s VFX tools. Modo’s particle system can create natural simulations of multiple objects, replicators can intelligently duplicate and randomly color objects, and Modo’s Dynamics system can be used to realistically erect objects or fill containers.


Colorway is a new addition to the Foundry product line and is currently in public beta. In combination with Modo, it offers them a powerful look development pipeline. Once rendered from Modo, images can be interactively customized in Colorway in real time.

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The beauty of Colorway is its simplicity. The user interface is simple and clear, so you can create multiple looks for a product with incredible speed. Not only the colors can be adjusted, but also textures can be iterated and applied via UV maps in 2D space. Once completed, the looks can then be moved back to Modo for further development or final rendering.

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