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Unique immersive experiences.

Together with our British partner, GForces, we operate the real-time vehicle and accessories configuration plattform NetDirector® Experience.

NetDirector® Experience provides an enhanced tool for your connected audience, no matter where you are or what device you are using. The ability to access the configurator from any browser without streaming or cloud-based rendering means fast load times, low infrastructure costs, and smart features that adapt to user devices.

From interactive showroom systems that increase visitor frequency and time spent in the showroom, to a large, immersive digital car dealership capable of displaying entire complex model ranges, NetDirector® Experience brings the customer journey together in the showroom and online purchase.

Immerse yourself in the immersive experience.

Take a look at one of our projects below:

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Inspire your customers.

NetDirector® Experience can be used as a standalone visualizer or configurator on multiple devices, including mobile devices, tablets and notebooks. Alternatively, you can use our platform to integrate ultra-detailed images into pop-up or showroom details.

Explore every angle, every color, every accessory and much more in pixel accurate 3D and 4K resolution.

Either way, with NetDirector® Experience your audience will see the difference, so they can explore the vehicles in detail or customize them to their personal tastes.

Increase your turnover.

NetDirector® Experience is designed to be used as a next-generation search tool for new and used vehicles. Instead of repetitive drop-down menus, potential buyers can see what they are looking for right in front of them. With the potential of full pre-configured stock levels, exploring any available vehicle can be done on any device, at any time, at any place.

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Increase your conversions.

Conversion is the focus of your actions. With its full configurability and breathtaking visualization, including accessories, NetDirector® Experience will deliver ROI across multiple channels. From easy integration into eCommerce platforms and online sales of accessories, to converting your inventory into an enhanced sales tool, NetDirector® Experience will deliver ROI across multiple channels. NetDirector® Experience increases the conversion rate. The result is higher revenue and profitability per unit.

Optimize your campaigns.

Focus on your innovations with NetDirector® Experience. Create anticipation and reach a new audience through a networked platform that allows them to take inspiration from a user and share their desires in social media. You will see your own unique touch in the vehicle you want to purchase by bringing in your own ideas that are hard to ingnore and visible to all your connections.

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Improve the customer experience.

Configurators that work on mobile devices, on large exhibition displays, on any website and in any manufacturer application.

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Experience new worlds and reach new target groups with GForces and VisCircle.

NetDirector® Experience is operated and supported by our british partner GForces. We develop 3D configurators based on WebGL worldwide for various customers from different industries. Our solution work perfectly on end devices, from desktop PCs to smartphones, and are also fully compatible with modern browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. GForces is our closest partner in the automotive industry. As a leading global export company, GForces is active in all areas of the automotive industry.


Configurators that work on mobile devices, on large exhibition displays, on any website and in any manufacturer application.


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