„A supply offers produces its own demand“, that is the theorem of Jean Baptiste Say from the year 1803.

In the following article we want check the validity of this theorem with regard to 3D garden planners as 3D configurators. In a first step we will present 2 garden planners of different suppliers. Then we will analyze the demand for 3D garden planners over the time.

Landscape Design Software

The user must download and install the software from the website of smartdraw.

On the left navigation bar the user have the opportunity to add objects like barbecue-grills, tables or chairs to the virtual garden. Moreover the user can via drag & drop delete, switch or turn objects.

The user receive a graphically and technically very simple solution. The configurator can also be used by less technically affine persons.

By the 3D garden planner the user can get  a first preliminary orientation about their garden of the future. Positive is the easy handling of the garden planner. Less well is the graphically design of the user interface and the necessity to download the software.

Moreover the user can`t save or share their created configuration with family or friends.

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In the next step we will check the 3D garden planner of gardena. The garden planner can be used without the need to download a software. The user need only the actual version of the Adobe Flash Player.

However, there are a system-engineering error. The garden planner of gardena is therefore useless. Similar considerations apply to the virtual garden of BBC. A lot of another garden planners like the garden planner of Smart Gardener require a registration.

After a long search we find a 3D gardenhouse planner free-of-charge and without technically errors of the firm “Gartenhaus nach Mass”. The user can by the gardenhouse planner step-by-step create their desire gardenhouse. He can choice between different objects liks doors or canopes.

After the completion of the configuration the user can see the exactly price of their desire gardenhouse. Compared to the first checked garden planner the user can save the created configuration.

The graphically implementation of the gardenhouse planner is terrible. It is very difficult to identify anything. The construction of the planner is very simple and provides only less options to choice.

Positive is the opportunity to save the configuration or view the price after completion.

The evaluation of the actually 3D garden planners cannot be positively at the moment. A lot of garden planners have technically problems or have the need to download software.

The garden planners without any technically problems are very simple constructed and provides at the moment only a rough orientation in planning of the garden in future.

To the theorem of Jean-Baptiste Say influence the offer the demand positively. Is that also true for 3D garden planners?

The number of search queries were between the years 2004 to 2017 decreasing. Today search 880 persons in total in germany to 3D garden planners.

Is the theorem of Jean-Baptiste Say also valid with regard to 3D garden planners.

The graphical design of the checked 3D garden planners indicates the validity of the theorem. Under the assumption, that the checked garden planners were developed 6-8 years ago, we are able to conclude that the offering of 3D garden planners determined the demand in the past.

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Garden planners free-of-charge in modern design does not exist at the moment. The user have only the option to buy expensive software solutions.

Againt this background, we can confirm the theorem of Jean-Baptiste-Say with regard to 3D garden planners. We can help to create a unique business solution. Contact us now.