YouMagine is a website where you can find not only fun, fashionable and functional STL files to download and print in 3D, but also a place where you can meet other 3D printing enthusiasts and collaborate with them on projects. You can also upload and share your printable 3D configurators. YouMagine is an online community for anyone wanting to explore the world of 3D printing.

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YouMagine is operated by Ultimaker. The 3D printed matter on the website is optimized for FDM printers like Ultimaker.

We tried YouMagine and downloaded a Holly napkin ring. The download came with a PDF where you can print an attribution for the model, including the name, date, URL and a QR code to access the model. There is also a ReadMe file with instructions from the designer. We thought this was a great feature and made it easy to view a design attribution if you wanted. Our printing has become great.

Here is an overview of the YouMagine user interface:

Ideas – All ideas are listed here and you can explore other people’s ideas. Click on the idea title and then on Details to learn more about the idea and add your comments.

Submit Your Ideas – Here you can submit your own idea. You can choose a name, a name category and a description and upload some pictures and documents. You can also mark your idea as a challenge and reward it.

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Mit unseren 3D-Konfiguratoren erreichen Sie mehr kommerziellen Erfolg auf Website..

Discover – Here you will find all uploaded items that other people have shared through YouMagine. The objects are sorted into 12 categories: 3D Printer Parts and Extensions, Fashion, Gadget, Miniatures and more.

Designers – This section lists all designers who have uploaded objects to the site. Click a user and you can view all shared items.

Add Design – click this button to share the designs you want to share on YouMagine. You can add details to your design, add pictures and documents.

Messages – This feature allows you to send a message to other users.

Profiles – View and edit your profile.

Search – The search icon is a magnifying glass in the upper right corner.

YouMagine is a fun page that gets bigger and bigger. This is a resource that you can add to your favorites and offer and explore many other printed materials.