In the 70ies and 80ies was the pricelist of the first VW golf a simple flyer. Today is the situation different. Today the user must read a big pricelist of VW to see all variants and components. Similar is the situation in other companies like mercedes or BMW.

The increasing number of series, motor and equipment versions make the choice not only bigger but also significantly more complexe. Unless the client forget small details the resale will be more difficult.

To provide a better overview a lot of car manufacturers create in the last months and years configurators in 3D. The customer can by the configurator create its own desire car. The following video shows the 3D configurator from VW:

The more expensive cars becomes, the more valuable is the configurator. Land Rover and Jaguar established in Coventry the so called commisiong suite. On this event customer can create with champagner and delicatessen his or her desire car.

Bugatti allows the customer to view the final result on a life-size screen. The user can upload photos of its garage or driveway to view the configurator in this real environment.

The latest configurators have an extremely complicated structure. Development Manager Klaus-Gerhard Wolpert will create in the future a simply solution. The user can create in 5 clicks its desire polo.

Some car manufacturer like ford did not intend to invest in the new virtual opportunities. Customer their waits of the super sports car receive of the americans a kind of model component system. On this basis the user can create at home its desire version.

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