Many designers lack the financial means for professional 3D modeling software (well-suited to create a 3D configurator). Therefore we would like to give a small overview of powerful and free alternatives in this article.

Unfortunately, the entrance free for upcoming 3D visualization professionals is so high to reject even the most determined young students. It starts early with the need for art. Financial means must be spent for markers and many other utensils. You can even get into financial difficulties if you pay for the entire design suite of modeling, rendering, post-production, and film editing programs from the start without even winning a single customer. And one thing should be noted: credit cards are rarely a good idea.

Surely there will be a period in your career as a 3D visualizer when you want to look for the best products that your meager salary can offer. But if you`re about to establish yourself as a 3D visualizer, or maybe not so sure that the right job is for you, you should definitely try free software options that require nothing more than an internet connection.

First take a look at the modeling software. Beststellers like Rhino, Maya, 3ds Max and the like cost you thousands of dollars for a single professional license. These programs are expensive for a good reason. They offer the best results and the most robust libraries or options, templates and commands that allow offices like Pixar to do impressive things with a computer.

Here is a list of 3D modeling software that you can use completely free of charge.

Blender 3D.

Of all the programs in this list, Blender is probably the best known software solution. It has long been a relevant ad fully functional alternative to paid modeling programs and has an impressive backlog of improvements, patches and additional features. It is an open source creative suite and has the ability not only to model visualizations, but also to render, animate and compose them. In terms of usability, Blender is often rated better than Maya.

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Autodesk TinkerCAD.

TinkerCAD, formerly known as Autodesk 123D, gives everyone a complete suite of design and modeling tools to tinker with. Think of TinkerCAD as the children`s toy box of the 3D modeling world. This assessment is not intended to make the software any less useful, but in a saturated market for 3D modeling software, it is. Essentially, you choose from a diverse library of ready-made shapes and rebuild it to your own specifications.

However, the tools are so simple and intuitive to use that even experienced design professionals can keep them on disk. The software is especially suitable for younger users.

Google SketchUp.

We`ve already written about SketchUp in our blog because we really believe in its benefits as a 3D modeling and design tool. What began as a crazy scientist`s experiment in the basement of two architecture students at the University of Colorado has evolved over a decade into the most-used modeling program in the world. Many professionals mock the idea of using SketchUp for something other than a concept sketch, but the advances it has made as a full-fledged design suite are beginning to change this old stigma.

SketchUp is simple and fast. It has a few simple modeling tools that let you push, pull, drag, and shape yourself into the world of 3D modeling. With a wealth of impressive rendering plug-ins, you can quickly move from idea to photorealism. SketchUp has something for everyone and quickly becomes a full-fledged tool for eben the most impatient 3D visualization professional.


OpenSCAD is especially suitable for users who do not have a good feel for the basics of computer programming and scripting. It is a modeling program that focuses on the technical aspects of computer-aided design, but neglects artistic aspects. The user builds his model using a set of text-based commands, coordinates and algorithms, and then executes the script to output the 3D model, which can then be used for rendering or other manipulation in other programs.

The use of OpenSCAD is more suitable for users who prefer to work with numbers rather than circles or squares. If you prefer to work with numbers, you will surely be happy with an open source program that is more specifically tailored to your needs.

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3D Crafter.

Mainly used as an advanced animation studio, 3D Crafter is much easier to use than you think. It`s one of those easy-to-learn and hard-to-master software components that builds on the principle of dragging and dropping basic 3D shapes into your model, then manipulating them to create complex models. In addition, 3D Crafter has a robust 3D printing interface, making it perfect for architectural studios that want to quickly create concept models, develop details, or design their customers as tiny scale values.


Any LEGO fans ou there? Believe it or not, there is a growing collection of children trapped in adult bodies who have dedicated their lives to the art of LEGO. For them, LeoCAD is an invalueable tool that allows you to test ideas and creations before you begin the actual implementation.

But even if you`re not a LEGO professional, LeoCAD offers countless hours of fun and entertainment for those of us who still have a bit of childhood left in us. With an amazingly large library of pieces, you can quickly build your monstrosities without the risk of accidentally aspirating one of those tiny, round, transculent pieces that get to the last corner of your studio apartment.

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VUE Pioneer.

VUE Pioneer is a 3D modeling tool for the railing builders among us. While it comes with an interface and toolset that may be a little advanced for the average user, there are few programs that allow you to shape, model and create realistic terrain models that work seamlessly with an onboard rendering engine. Most 3D modeling programs have problems with terrain modeling, so the VUE pioneer in your back pocket will give you a huge boost for such occasions.

As you can see, free doesn`t necessarily mean bad. You could use the programs on this list, be an absolutely competent 3D modeler or visualization artist and still have enough pocket money left.