“GLIDE is a graphiccard-interface that has been evolved by the company “”3DFX””, to give application-programmers the chance, to access their graphiccard-chipsets (socalled voodoo-chipsets) with high efficiency. The game “”Diablo 2″” (so “”Lord of Destruction”” , too) is known for the fact, that it runs far better with GLIDE than with Direct3D. The actual problem is, that meanwhile the company “”3DFX”” has been taken over by “”NVIDIA”” and so there’s no manufacturer any more who produces graphiccards that support GLIDE naturally.

At this point a GLIDE-wrapper gives support: It makes the GLIDE-interface available, by receiving the GLIDE-commands and translating them to another interface. So it is possible to use GLIDE-enhenced programs even on graphic-cards, which normally do not support this interface. I want to mention again, that I have written this wrapper explicitly for the game “”Diablo 2″”. I assume that it won’t work together with other programs. “