Google is currently in the process of further developing its advertising tools for Google Ads. In the near future, a new platform for creating 3D ads and new AR and live options for YouTube promotions will be available.

First of all, Google has announced its new 3D display ad format, “Swirl”, which will help the company deliver a more interactive and engaging experience.

Google explains the following:

Swirl brings three-dimensional value to ads on the mobile web that can help inform users before they buy. They can zoom in and out directly, rotate the product or play an animation“.

Swirl ads, which are available through Google’s Display and Video 360 formats, allow companies that have existing 3D assets to integrate them into their ads. Google is also adding a new editor to its Poly 3D editing platform to make it easier for companies to create 3D advertising experiences.

The option definitely provides a more engaging advertising experience and gives users more opportunities to test products and looks before making a purchase.

Swirl ads are now available in a limited beta – those interested can contact their Google Account Manager directly for more information.

Google is also launching another immersive advertising format on YouTube, but this time via AR, with the ability to virtually try out make-up while viewing related content.

The new format is called “Beauty Try-On” and allows video viewers to check the visual quality of videos before following YouTubers.

Thanks to machine learning and AR technology, the option of creating realistic virtual product samples that work on a wide range of skin tones“.

Similar initiatives have been launched in the past – Sephora, for example, has its own “Virtual Artists” app that allows users to try out new looks via their mobile phone camera, but “Beauty Try-On” goes a step further and integrates them directly into YouTube content. In addition, due to the popularity of make-up tutorial videos, you can imagine that it will prove to be a valuable addition for marketing professionals in the industry.

YouTube also wants to help live streamers maximize their live content by introducing a new ad option that allows creators to run their YouTube live streaming content within display ads, encouraging users to click to see more.

Like YouTube:

We know that it takes a lot of time and resources to develop livestream assets and we want to make it easier for users to get more out of their assets. The new livestream format in Display & Video 360 allows you to run your YouTube livestream content in display ads across screens and devices. People can interact with the video using familiar YouTube player controls. Users can preview your livestream, activate full-screen mode and exit when they’re done, giving them full control over how they interact with your content.

Although the livestream has passed its first hype phase, it has established itself as an attractive option for YouTuber because livestreams generate 6x as many interactions as normal videos. This makes sense because people know that others will be watching and commenting on the content offered in real time at the same time – and given such a commitment that promotes more organic reach, it’s definitely an element to watch out for.

All three new ad options are aimed at improving Google’s presentation capabilities and expanding into more advanced, interactive areas that are not known now, but are likely to become more common and popular with users. Each of these new tools offers unique considerations for advertisers and will enable more engaging campaign types, which is likely to help improve campaign performance and ultimately increase user expectations.

As previously mentioned, Swirl is in a limited beta version, as is the new live ad format from YouTube, while “Beauty Try-On” is currently in alpha and available via FrameBit.

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