Google SketchUp is a software to create threedimensional models. It is well-suited to create 3D configurators.

The following overview shows the advantages of SketchUp for the user.

  • Quickly start possible

  • Tool to draw in 3D free-of-charge

  • intuitive work surface

  • best tool for straightforward introduction

  • tool can extend by a lot of different extended PlugIns

  • the used format (.skp) is compatible with another CAD-software

The following image gives an overview about the user interface of the software:

User have different possibilities to navigate within the software.

  • Rotate

  • Move
  • Zoom
  • View all
  • Take shadow on- and off

In the menu item View – work environment the user can choose within a big selection of different functions.

SketchUp is a software that works with polygons.

The software provides the following tools:

  • Line

  • Rectangle

  • Circle

  • Sheet

  • Polygons

  • Free-handed

Moreover the user can realize the following additional modifications:

  • Switching
  • Push
  • Turn
  • Scale
  • Offset

In the item list extras the user find the following options:

Copy: Move-Command + Strg

Multiplicate: Make Copys

Mirror: Scale with factor -1

Google SketchUp can be downloaded about the following link. The Basisversion is free-of-charge.

In an extended Pro-Version the user can embedded additional PlugIns.