The LAB colour model is a triaxial colour system and plays more and more an important role in the creation process of 3D configurators. Characteristic features are the absolute colours, i.e. that the colours are exact. This means that the LAB color space is the only way to communicate different colors across different devices. The color of an object is measured with a spectrophotometer in LAB color.

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It`s a three-axis system. The first axis, the L-channel or Lightness, goes up and down in the 3D color model and consists of colors from white to black – and all their gray tones are right in the middle. All neutral colours are relatively centered on this axis.

The A-axis goes from cyan to magenta/red, the B-axis from blue to yellow. So in this area we will display visual or reproducible colors based on the gamut or profile of the device we have.

We will turn on the sRGB color profile. Most monitors are displayed in sRGB and sRGB is preferred for any type of internet or web application. We will make this thing rotate here and you can see the volume of colors you can reproduce from this additive color model. Obviously, since it is projected light, very bright and saturated colors are generated.

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When is the LAB color space used?

  • Adaptation of the paint colors to the print media.
  • Matching fabric colours in a catalogue or website.
  • Commmunicate your preferred Pantone colors to another media form.
  • The LAB color space is the backbone of the overall color management between devices in the color workflow.

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