A real-time 3D configurator is an application that allows customers to view products from all angles and interactively customize them in real time.

Today, 3D configurators can be used online on tablets and smartphones without plug-ins. A 3D configurator primarily serves as a sales tool for sellers and as a decision support for users on websites.

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Product presentations from all angles, display of different product variants and easy handling are characteristic for a 3D configurator in real time. The real-time 3D configurator supports the customer in his decision-making. Easier purchases and thus a significantly lower purchasing risk have a positive influence on the conversion rate.

The following video visualizes a real-time 3D configurator:

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3D real-time configurators enable individual product adaptations in real time.

Through an ideally through-out and user-friendly interface, the user can try out all available options and view them from any angle to make a decision that meets their design and technical requirements.

In most cases, the 3D configurators are integrated into websites and act as an effective tool to strengthen the purchasing decision. Depending on the complexity of the products, the configurator can also become a real sales companion, supporting the technical salesperson with interactive visual aids to present a tailor-made offer.

Real time 3D configurators can be designed as a step-by-step or one-page solution. During a step-by-step solution, the user is guided step-by-step through a series of different configuration steps (product selection, range of options, materials, colors etc.). A one-page configurator allows users complete freedom to modify any element at any time.

Well thought-out configurators offer a user-friendly interface and allow easy and efficient product customization. Depending on the product, up to 1000 or more different products variants can be visualized.

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Innovative additional functions increase sales.

The integration of additional functions such as a dynamic, real-time price display that automatically adjusts to selected options, or a separate visual presentation of product highlights have a significant positive impact on sales.

In addition, real-time 3D allows the playback of animations that illustrate the functionality of the product. During the animation, users can continue to view and configure the product from any perspective. In this way, the unique selling proposition of the product can be better staged.

A real-time 3D configurator can cover the entire sales cycle.

With a well-thought-out concept, a real-time 3D configurator is much more than just a simple product presentation tool.

The configurator can cover the entire sales cycle from the choice of the desired product variant, the product presentation to the actual purchase in the online shop. The 3D configurator functions as an interactive sales aid through the presentation of the selected materials and equipment variants of a product. The user can adapt the product to his individual needs and purchase it at the push of a button.

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