In previous articles we have reported that facebook (well-suited to promote 3D configurators) has been making it possible to post 3D content in glTF 2.0 file format via the newsfeed for a few days now. In this article we would like to go into the glTF format in more detail and provide you with the best possible support for your future 3D posts via facebook.

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What is a glTF file?

A glTF file contains a 3D model stored in GL Transmission Format (glTF) format. It stores a complete scene description in JSON format containing the node hierarchy, cameras and materials. glTF files also contain descriptor information about animations and meshes.

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glTF files can be used to store and share digital assets between different 3D modeling tools, similar to .DAE files. They are also optimized for download speed and runtime, making them easy to use in mobile and web-based 3D modeling applications. In addition, they also provide a streamlined format for uploading and downloading online digital databases, such as Remix 3D.

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glTF files can contain embedded resources or refer to external resources. If a glTF file is shipped with separate resources, these are most likely the following files:

  • Binary (.BIN) files – one or more BIN files containing animations, geometry, and other data.
  • Shader files – one or more GLSL files that contain shaders.
  • Images (.JPG, PNG tec.) files – one or more files containing textures for the 3D model.

The glTF was developed as an efficient, extensible and interoperable format for transferring and loading 3D content. The goals of the 3D format are compact file sizes, fast loading, complete 3D scene representation, runtime independence and extensibility for further development.