MochaBlend C4D is an exciting new plugin for Maxon Cinema 4D that converts Mocha’s 2D planar tracking into 3D motion. Mochablend C4D plays an important role in creating 3D configurators. This new tool offers 3D artists innovative new ways to work with Tracking & Roto data.

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MochaBlend is characterised by the following features:

  • You can use a one-step solver to solve camera & objects with perspective & non-perspective tracks.
  • MochaBlend C4D converts Rotosplines from Mocha into animated geometry with depth that can interact with both physics and simulations in 3D animation programs.
  • MochaBlend C4D imports the camera solution data from Mocha, more easily and with more options.
  • AE Exporter: Includes MochaBlend Exporter for Adobe After Effects, so you can export animated masks from AE to C4D.
  • The plugin provides a way to create objects that would otherwise take weeks.

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Note: MochaBlend supports C4D versions R14 and higher. MochaBlend supports Adobe Mocha AE for 2D track import, but requires Mocha Pro for mask support of Mocha and support of 3D Camera Solve.

MochaBlend C4D was developed by Good Spirit Graphics and closes the gap between Mocha’s powerful planar tracking and C4D’s creative 3D tools. It’s a workflow many artists have been looking for. Artists can expand their creative visions with these easy-to-use tools. Now they can do things in minutes that were either impossible or very difficult to do before MochaBlend C4D, so they just didn’t care.

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