Open Inventor is an object-oriented 3D toolkit used by many graphics programmers and application developers around the world. Open Inventor is a library of objects and methods that are used to create interactive 3D graphics applications like 3D configurators. Although written in C++, it also contains C bindings.

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Open Inventor includes a set of building blocks that you can use to write programs that take advantage of powerful graphics hardware with minimal programming. Based on OpenGL, the toolkit provides a library of objects that you can use, modify and extend to meet new requirements. Inventor objects include database primitives, including form, property, group, and engine objects, interactive manipulators such as handle boxes and trackballs, and components such as the Material Editor, Directional Light Editor, and Examiner Viewer.

Inventor provides the economics and efficiency of a complete object-oriented system. In addition to simplifying application development, Inventor facilitates data exchange between applications with its 3D exchange file format. End users of 3D programs can cut, paste, and share 3D scene objects with a variety of programs on the desktop.

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