Many mountain bikes (well-suited to present by a 3D configurator), too little storage space. This was the reason for the idea of Studio Shed. In just a few months, the company grew from a backyard company to a nationally known company in the shed industry.

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The challenge: to create a unique user experience.

In order to further accelerate the growth of Studio Shed, from 2014 onwards the focus was increasingly on optimizing sales processes on the internet. One of the biggest challenges was to help potential customers visualize the final shed configurator.

For a long time, Studio Shed only offered its customers an online quotation from with static images of the configuration objects (doors, wall paints etc.) for the shed. Users had no possibility to visualize the whole package together.

At best, customers can only have a rough idea of what they will really get. Over time, the founders developed the vision of an online design tool that would visualize the buildings immediately after the customer had selected the design. However, there were fears until the end that this goals would not be technologically achievable,

The “IdeaRoom” solution.

In this phase, the founders came across IdeaRoom. Initially, there was still a great deal of scepticism about the technical feasibility of the required configurations. After an IdeaRoom presentation, however, the founders realized that it was exactly the perfect solution.

Today the scale configurator generates the vast majority of Studio Shed`s sales. Most sales start with a user developing his or her own personal shed with the online configurator.

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With IdeaRoom, Studio Shed customers play a much bigger role in the design process. The 3D shed configurator has become an integral part of Studio Shed`s brand identity. The ability to customize a shed and be part of the design process is critical for customers.

With the IdeaRoom configurator, Studio Shed is always one step ahead of emerging retail changes. “Studio Shed is with IdeaRoom up-to-date in the newest conditions of the technical development” brings it product designer of IdeaRoom Elaine Andersen to the point.

Studio Shed`s marketing team monitors market changes and adapts strategies quickly and effectively. Thus e.g. mobile was recognized as important trade channel already early, so that the scale configurator was optimized already early on for mobile terminals. Today, almost 50% of sales are generated via mobile devices.

With the scale configurator, the founders want to lead a kind of “scale revolution” and redefine the market for scales. In addition to providing the best products, the aim is  to offer customers the best user experience in the purchasing process.