Alibaba (no 3D configurators available in store yet) has come up with an interesting way to promote Singles Day over the past two years. Last year, the trading giant experimented with virtual reality (VR) technology for the first time. This year, the company has further developed this concept, which is very interesting. While the VR shopping platform met with little interest last year, this has certainly changed spectacularly this year. The upgrades were also well received by the community, indicating a rosy future.

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A rosy future for Alibaba`s VR Shopping.

For most people it makes little or no sense to shop online in VR. At the same time, however, one has to recognize the potential that such a project brings with it. Particularly when it comes to buying items for the home, a rosy future for VR shopping is emerging. Being able to see the items in their actual form before they are purchased is quite important. Alibaba admitted that there would be a great demand for such features, which is why they have improved the Buy+ VR platform for Singles Day 2017.

As most people now know, this event is the counterpart to Valentine`s Day in Asia. Special discounts for individuals deserve just as much attention. It`s also a great time to experiment with some new technologies, such as the introduction of VR shopping. Alibaba`s Buy+ platform offered products from six different retailers. Virtual shopping centers were “built” to make it look like a real shopping experience. It was a great way to explore virtual reality, regardless of a purchase.

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But it wasn`t just about shopping. Alibaba customers could also play an augmented reality game to follow a cartoon cat. This allowed customers to unlock virtual items that could be paid for with real money. It`s obvious that Alibaba has been actively experimenting wth different ideas and solutions in this regard as to what all this will look like for Singles Day next year. The number of possibilities is almost unlimited when it comes to virtual reality, so much is clear.

Businesses and brands should explore VR technology in the future. This technology can not only create a stronger bond between consumer and brand, but also increase total sales. At the same time, it can make most “real” businesses redundant as companies invest more in storage space for all their goods. There is always a compromise when it comes to innovative technologies in retail, although no one knows exactly how all this can develop.