As part of its digitization strategy, the gripping systems and clamping technology manufacturer Schunk is expanding its digital tools on the basis of the eCatalogusSolutions technology from Cadenas. The launch of the 3D configurator for assembly automation is followed by a 3D gripper swivel unit configurator. In addition, all gripper system components from the range are available as “Smart Parts”.

Schunk conline configurator

The configurators and intelligent 3D CAD models save plant engineers and system integrators time and minimise the risk of errors in the design and construction of gripper systems. With just a few clicks, the Gripper Swivel Unit Configurator can be used to configure complete units from the Schunk SRU-plus swivel modules, grippers, sensors and even fully standardized adapter plates.

The gripper and swivel units can then be tested in the 3D view, adapted if necessary and finally imported into all common 3D formats (2D or 3D) or as a 3D PDF. An intelligent combination logic ensures that only possible configurations can be displayed. In addition to the components for the gripper system, the individually created parts lists also contain all necessary standard parts such as centering elements and screws.

Configurator for assembly.

The configurator for modular assembly automation is just as easy to use. This makes it possible to intuitively configure pick & place units and read the system as an assembly part.

To speed up the process, the user can then choose from four basic Pick & Place assembly variants and design them individually. The tool includes the most important grippers, rotary modules, linear modules and the complete portal assembly system. With more than 10,000 possible combinations, a comprehensive range of modules for precise assembly tasks is created.

Catalog data.

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But Schunk is not satisfied with this yet. All gripper system components from the catalogue range are now also available as Smart Parts. In addition to the CAD geometry data, the 3D CAD models also contain the technical data from the catalogue and the product features. Specific options and attachments (e.g. attachment kits for sensors, sealing and protection variants and the sensors themselves) can be selected and configured directly on the model.

In addition, there are links to data sheets, operating instructions and the Schunk website, so that the easiest way to further information is always available. This shortens the time required for selecting components and accessories and eliminates the time-consuming search, provision and administration of parts data. In addition, metadata can be used to simulate motion sequences in the CAD system and information about mass centers of gravity, materials or environmental standards can be used.

Instead of building gripper systems from individual components in the CAD program, complete subsystems can now be configured and read directly in Cadenas. Since all data models already comply with the eCl@ss 10.0 classification, they offer optimum conditions for standardized provision, maintenance and use.

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