PlayCanvas (well suited for the creation of 3D configurators) is any 3D WebGL game engine originally developed by Will Eastcott and Dave Evans. It is open source available on GitHub, with an online editor and good documentation. The online editor can be used free of charge for public projects with up to two team members, but there are also paid versions if you want to run a commercial private project with multiple developers.

simple basic demo Playcanvas

Games and demos.

PlayCanvas has released some well-known demos that demonstrate the new possibilities very well.

  • Tanx is a multiplayer tank game where you can drive your tank around and shoot at other players.
  • Swooop is a flying game where you fly your plane around a magical island collecting jewels and fuel.
  • Visualizations like the Star Lord and the BMW i8 also use the engine to show what`s possible.

Engine vs. Editor.

The engine itself can be used as a standard library by embedding your JavaScript file directly into your HTML, so you can start programming right away. The PlayCanvas toolset also includes an online editor that lets you drag and drop components onto the scene – a great way to create games and other applications that require scenes if you`re more of a designer than an encoder. These approaches vary, but they work just as well when it comes to achieving final goals.

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PlayCanvas Engine.

Designed for modern browsers, PlayCanvas is a full-featured 3D game engine with resource loading, an entity and component system, advanced graphics editing, collision and physics engines, audio, and the ability to process control inputs from multiple devices. The list of features is really impressive.

PlayCanvas Editor.

Instead of reprogramming everything from scratch, you can also use the online editor. This can be a pleasant working environment if you are not someone who likes to coded.


Of course, it depends on their approach – designers may prefer the online editor, while programmers prefer to have full control over the programming environment and are likely to use the engine`s source files. The good news is that you have a choice and can choose the tools that suit you best.