Update: Since September 2017 VoxVR (very useful in relationship with 3D configurators) supports direct export to Sketchfab.

VoxVR is a new creative tool that lets you create your next voxel masterpiece in Virtual Reality (VR). Creating Voxel Art has never been so intuitive and easy. Stand in your own artwork while you create or import it from scratch and edit your existing creations with Magica Voxel (.vox) and Qubicle (.qb) import and export support.

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What`s the best part? You can upload your work directly from VoxVR to Sketchfab to share with the world.

On the following page you will find many more great works that have already been uploaded by VoxVR. And you can follow VoxVR on Twitter and its Steam community to keep up with developments.

VoxVR is now available through Steam and supports both HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Touch.