The photogrammetry software company CaptureReality added a Sketchfab export function (very useful in creation processes of 3D configurators) to its application a few months ago. The software offers the possibility to quickly and accurately generate 3D content from photos or laser scans.

In addition, CaptureReality has added an incredibly useful option to automatically decimate models to one million polygons or less before uploading to optimize exported content for Sketchfab display. Below is an example from Michal Jancosek, Managing Partner at CaptureReality:

“We are delighted that our users can now publish their creations quickly and easily directly on the Internet,” says Michal. “This feature makes our software even easier to use. They only need their camera and our software to share their 3D shots with their friends via Sketchfab on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn etc. In 3D and virtual reality. You don`t need any third party software and don`t waste your time exporting, zipping, uploading etc. All you have to do is press a button.”

RealityCapture is without doubt one of the leading 3D scanning software packages. The collaboration between CaptureReality and Sketchfab make it easier for 3D scanning experts to present their creations in 3D and VR anywhere online. Below are some RealityCapture examples and you can also visit the RealityCapture tag page to learn more.