For several months now, Sketchfab has announced Apps for Virtual Reality (VR) – available for Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard – and the first WebVR support on Sketchfab.

These apps provide a dedicated VR experience and make Sketchfab available on multiple headsets. The apps are a curated showcase for models and a great illustrations of what Sketchfab + VR means. They have now been scaled so that users can browse the entire Sketchfab gallery in VR within the apps.

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The other good news is that, in combination with WebVR support, users can now explore all Sketchfab models in VR – not just with Google Cardboard, but with any VR headset. This now includes position tracking on all platforms that support it (Oculus und Vive). Users are only one click away from each model – just press the VR button and get started.

The best part is that users can browse and view their own models in VR. They no longer have to deal with game engines, but can upload their Sketchfab models as usual and their work is VR-enabled in seconds. With WebVR support, Sketchfab is the most seamless way to publish VR content.

This is an important milestone for Sketchfab. Users have been sharing amazing creations for about 4 years on Sketchfab and VR offers the most natural and best way to experience them.

It is also a great milestone for the VR ecosystem. If you look at VR content today, it`s all about games and most of it is made in the studio. But most of the VR content is generated by the user. If you look at user-generated content for VR, it`s mostly 360 videosm but that`s not what VR was built for.

VR requires a volumetric format and that`s exactly what Sketchfab is all about: a scene that you can enter and navigate with 6 degrees of freedom. Sketchfab is the largest community of 3D developers and with more than 750k 3D files released so far, our VR support is the largest library of user-generated VR content.

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Sketchfab VR doesn`t offer a wild gaming experience where you have to shoot monsters and think about how to survive. It`s much more of a contemplative experience: you`re here to explore the world around you. It`s about places, things, objects and people. It`s about discovery. It`s about learning. Have you ever dreamed of teleporting to Rome, inspiring a beating heart or walking along dinosaurs? You can do all these things in Sketchfab VR.

The goal is to make VR accessible to as many people as possible and to bring great joy to many people.