Pose Lib is a useful and free plug-in for managing poses and animations (important to create a 3D configurator) for Maya by autodesk. With this tool animators can record poses for objects in Maya and create a library of poses for their characters.

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To use Pose Lib, download the tool, select your character, click the “New Pose” button and a Pose file will be created in the appropriate directory with the corresponding icon (a. bmp file).

What is Pose Lib?

Pose Lib is a plug-in for the 3D software Maya from autodesk, with which you can create a library of poses for your characters.

Maya is not equipped with this feature, but every animator who has worked on a feature film knows about similar interfaces because they are so useful (they are indispendable for a big project). Now animation students can create their own pose libraries – absolutely free.

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With Maya it is possible to mix your current pose with your chosen pose. To do this, hold down the ALT or CTRL key and click on a pose.


With Pose Lib you can select the desired icon size (from 32×32 to any desired size). It is also possible to select only certain channels from a pose by clicking on them in the ChannelBox.


Pose Lib works with both licensed and non-licensed characters.


With Pose Lib it is possible to arrange poses according to characters and categories.


You can download and install Pose Lib via the following link.