Sales staff are often dependent on product specialists that promotes 3D configurators. Often several sales talks are necessary before an agreement is reached and mistakes can never be completely ruled out. This slows down the sales cycle and negatively impacts the customer`s shopping experience.

How can this problem be solved?

Tacton`s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) allows the configuration, design and sales of the most complex products to be streamlined. The powerful configuration tool eliminates the need for detailed product knowledge and ensures that the sales team always offers the best possible solution at the right price for the customer.

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With automated quotes and sales, combined with the creation of documents and quotes, business can be done faster and the user experience improved. It also facilitates communication with customers and leads them to the right purchase decision based on their specific needs and the most important factors for them. Customer needs are identified though questions that focus on customer needs and priorities rather than product characteristics or options. On this basis, the purchasing security of customers can be sustainably improved.

The best offer for your customers and for you.

The Tacton CPQ solution is supported by a powerful configuration tool that covers the entire product range and all possible configurable options. The tool quickly translates customer requests into the best product offering. Predefined rules optimize product configuration and pricing based on your business objectives and ensure that the solution is always optimized.

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CPQ eliminates the need for manual quote preparation and helps the sales force produce high quality quotes in the shortest possible time. Quotations are always accurate as both product configuration and price are generated by the system. Documents such as parts lists and product descriptions can be easily integrated so that the customer receives all the information necessary for a documented purchase decision.

Tacton`s CPQ solution ensures that the sales channel always sells at the right price, regardless of the complexity of the product catalog or price structure. With CPQ, the sales team can create high-quality offers with correct prices in just a few minutes and thus significantly accelerate the sales process.

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The following tasks can be accomplished with CPQ from Tacton.

  • Faster deals
  • Increase in average contract size
  • Enable sale of entire assortment
  • Drastic reduction of the average offer time
  • Reduction of the price calculation error
  • Creating complex quotes without the need for product experts

Configurators have become an indispensable part of quotation preparation and already ensure fast and uncomplicated sales talks in many industries.