The introduction of Lens Studio offers advertisers an easier way to create and share augmented reality (AR) experiences for everyone. The Lens Studio is also a goog tool for visualizing 3D configurators in AR.

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Every day, about 70 million snapchatters use Lenses1: AR experiences that can be brought to life in the snapchat camera.

In the following article, we introduce Lens Studio – a new way for advertisers, developers, designers, and anyone with a little design experience to create their own AR content. Whether you want to showcase your latest offers or create a life-size version of your dream car, the world is your canvas.

For advertisers of all sizes, developing AR content is an opportunity to create playful and memorable experiences that can drive multiple goals, from awareness goals to sales promotion. In fact, advertising campaigns with Lenses drive an average increase in advertising awareness of 19 points and a delta of 9% measured by third parties. The average Lenses user spends three minutes a day trying out new selfies and exploring experiences in the world around them, providing an amazing opportunity to reach a new audience.

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Snapchat has worked with seven development companies, developing both World Lenses for the rear-facing camera and Selfie Face Lenses – the AR visualizations you can use on your face. While Selfie Lenses can only be built by Snapchat or Lens Studio partners, with Lens Studio World Lenses, any advertiser or non-participating agency can create 2D and 3D objects that bring them to life.

Lens Studio and its partners offer advertisers more flexibility to develop lenses on their budget and on a schedule that works for them. It has also increased the number of lenses advertisers can create for a single campaign, opening the door to creative rotations and sustainable, ongoing AR campaigns.

We hope you enjoy this new tool and can bring your ideas to life on Snapchat.

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