Nobody wants to spend the time and money to record and set up a new VR headset just to realize that it doesn’t seem to fit right because they wear glasses. Whether you are nearsighted or help them to read, the ability to wear your glasses in VR is a big deal. Especially users with poor eyesight know very well that there are things that need to be done beforehand to fully enjoy the VR experience (example: 3D configurators in VR).

If you are as blind as a bat or have above-average vision, you should read this article carefully.

VR experiences

Don’t remove her glasses.

If possible, do not remove your glasses to enjoy VR. Most headsets are equipped with enough space so that visually impaired people can easily wear their glasses in VR, with the exception of a few expensive cardboard kits.

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If you try to enjoy the VR experience without glasses, you will not see the picture of the game clearly and it may change how you see the game you are playing. If you do without your glasses and see blurry, not using them during the game will make this setting even more difficult.

The only reservation against using glasses is that their VR experience is not really terrible even without glasses. If you are wearing glasses for mild astigmatism, or if you have not been told that you need to wear them all the time, you may be able to get away with just adjusting the focal length and IPD on your headset. On the other hand, not every VR headset offers these options. For an optimal viewing experience, try putting on your glasses when playing VR.

Adjust your headset when wearing glasses.

When you put on the headset for the first time, make sure you have your glasses on so that there is enough space between them and the lens. This will ensure that your experience is comfortable and you can easily adjust it if you make your room visible.

Depending on the headset, you can adjust the focal length and IPD to get a good fit, but what’s going on inside the headset isn’t the only thing that matters. Unlike other users, those of us who wear glasses get two different accessories pressed into our faces at the same time.

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This means that you should be particularly careful when adjusting how the headset fits and that your glasses are stable on your face. If it slips over your nose, you can’t adjust it with a VR headset. If your headset is set too close around your head, you may get a headache when your glasses press against the bridge of your nose.

Make sure your glasses are clean and seated correctly.

People who wear glasses actually look through two pairs of lenses when playing VR. While you make sure your headset sits properly and you can see what is going on inside the headset, you will have a bad time when your glasses are constantly gliding over your nose.

That’s why we recommend that you make sure your glasses fit properly. What we mean is that when you put them on, they stay where they are. In VR, you will constantly look around and you must be able to see well in order to react to what is going on around you.

This also means that the lenses in your glasses must be beautiful and clean. The easiest way to ensure this is to wipe them well before immersing yourself in your VR experience. There will certainly be no interruptions, for example to remove a stain on the lenses of the glasses.

Enjoy your VR experience with glasses as well.

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Now that you’ve set up your headset with your glasses on and you’ve made all the necessary adjustments, you’re ready to dive into the virtual world.

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