Against the background of steadly increasing number of web configurators in internet we want make in the following article a sector-specific analysis.

At the core is the question “In which sector make an investment in a web configurator sense”? On the following article is the focus on a web analysis because the configurators are normally embedded into the website.

To analyze the actual demand to sector-specific web configurators  we make in a first step use of the keyword planer. We will enter the keywords “web configurator” and “3D configurator” in the tool. On this basis we can search to additional sector-specific keywords. The following table shows the search volumes of other sector-specific keywords:

Suchbegriff Suchvolumen pro Monat Konkurrenz
New car configurator 30 Low
Car configurator 9.900 Low
Wheel configurator 3.600 Middle
Wheel visualizer 6.600 Middle
Tire configurator 1.400 Middle
Furniture configurator 50 Middle
Couch configurator 50 High
Ring configurator 50 Low
Bike configurator 1.900 Low
Motorbike configurator 90 Low
Custom eyeglasses 1.000 High
Custom sunglasses 9.900 High
Watch configurator 140 Middle

The results shows, that the demand to customizable products in the internet is very high. The most searched customizable products are furniture, jewelry, eyeglasses or bikes.

Some sector-specific keywords have a low competition. Another keywords like “bike configurator” are characterized by a higher competition.

Preliminary Conclusions: Overall there is a big demand to sector-specific keywords.

Alongside we find a lot of more sector-specific keywords in connection with rims, furnitures, jewelry, bike or eyeglasses.

Overall, the competition is low. But there are also keywords with middle or high competition for example in connection with bikes or glasses.

To better understand the competitive pressure we will analyze the following 3 sector-specific keywords.

Trend analysis by Google Trends

In a first step we will analyze the stability of demand by Google Trends:

Car configurator

Trendanalyse Neuwagen Konfigurator

The demand to the keyword “car configurator” has increased in the last years. Seasonal fluctuations can`t be observed.

Bike configurator

Trendanalyse Möbel Konfigurator

Also the demand to the keyword “bike configurator” has increased in the last years. But here we can observe seasonal fluctuations. Customer search the keywords more in springtime and summer.

Furniture configurator

The seach volume to the keyword “furniture configurator” was in the last years high and stable.

Preliminary conclusions: the demand to sector-specific keywords was high and stable in the last years.

In the following sector we will analyze the competition with the Tool “Domain Value” of xovi.

The first place by google have actually the domain

Konkurrenzanalyse Neuwagen Konfigurator

The visibilty of the domain is very high at the moment. Manufacturer must invest 212.419,72 € in month to reach the same visibilty.

On the second place user can find the domain


Also is a domain with a high visibility. Provider must invest 140.000 € in month to reach the same visibility.

The following image shows the third place with regard to the keywordbike configurator“:


The visibility of the domain is also very high.

The following image shows the fourth place with regard to the keyword bike configurator:

The visibility of this site is middle.

The following pictures shows the third and eight place with regard to the keyword “custom eyeglasses“:

Konkurrenzanalye Felgen Konfigurator

The visibility of this site is very high.


The visibility of this site is very low.

Preliminary Conclusion: the competition to get good positions in keywords with regard to cars or bikes is very hard. But another keyword with regard to eyeglasses are less competitive.

Final Conclusion: the demand of customer to customizable products like cars, bikes or eyeglasses is high.

The most websites with regard to configurators have actually a very high visibility. But some keywords for example with regard to eyeglasses is less competitive.

The actual constellation enables the planning and implementing of campaigns with a positive return on invest. In order to meet this objective, planners must choose and optimize keywords with high search volumes and less competition.

Against this background is the following article only a rough overview. To plan and implement effective campaigns require a more deep sector-specific analysis.

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