There may have been times when it was sufficient to create an attractive expose for marketing a property. But the market is growing rapidly. Whoever wants to stand out from the competition and secure orders from investors, developers and clients must offer them more than that. The 21st century has also begun in the real estate industry with 3D configurators and Augmented Reality (AR) tools at the least.

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Especially when an object is still in the planning phase or does not appeal to the right buyers and investors in its current state of sale, AR is the solution to generate emotionality where previously only concrete existed.

What is AR?

AR is simply an extension of the one-dimensional reality. One such would be a simple photo. This is certainly more meaningful than pure text, but a recording is hardly suitable for picking up the potential customer at an emotional level where he is willing to devote his heart and soul to the project. And of course with a lot of capital. AR goes beyond purely visual perception. It makes it possible to bring an object – such as a building – to life. The client is given the opportunity to experience the property as it is intended and how it can ideally become. A 3D visualization of a building that does not yet exist is part of this, but it is by no means all that AR software can do,

What can an AR real estate marketing tool look like?

Various technical tools are required to use AR tools. AR Software is not only used in real estate marketing. In fact, it is used in almost every product line. Therefore, a corresponding AR concept is usually an individually developed, tailor-made solution. In the area of project planning for large buildings, appropriate technical equipment makes it possible to project the 3D simulation of the planned building in real size on the vacant area. There is no doubt that the effect that this can have on potential customers is much greater than if they are given construction drawings and plans on the table, with which they are usually overwhelmed as an amateur.

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But there are other possibilities. Thus, a clever AR concept can consist of the customer using the camera of his smartphone or tablet to focus an image of the projected property or directly on the area intended for this purpose. An app specially developed for this purpose then projects the planned object on the screen, makes it possible to zoom into individual areas and plays announcements and texts that provide the customer with further information by touching the corresponding marked areas.

Experience real estate with all your senses.

AR appeals to the senses of the customer: Listening, seeing, experiencing – this is the key to successful marketing of an object. Depending on the focus of the project, appropriately developed software can create entire virtual worlds before the eyes of the customer. The real estate industry loses its sober character and presents itself from ist most modern site. This may seem too futuristic to some, but as it turns out, it is the only real alternative for swimming on the wave of success. It spares planners, architects, brokers and property developers a lot of professional talk that nobody wants to hear and even less understands, takes the horror out of dry construction plans and above all arouses one thing: the joy and fascination of real estate.