On the market potential buyers can find a lot of different provider for 3D modeling software to create a 3D configurator. Therefore isn`t always a choice easy.

In the following article we will first give some basic information about 3D modelling and software. Subsequently we will represent some software solutions for 3D modeling and evaluate them based on different criteria like the quality of modeling, range of functions or usability.

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One of the most important functions of 3D modeling software is the converting of objects in realistic images. This process is called as Rendering. User can find renderings today in a lot of different tv productions or advertising.

The rendering and the subsequent processing are leads to the adding of real colors and shadows. Moreover 3D modeling software enable the adding of sharpness settings, light effects and color changes.

For the rendering of 3D objects existing different approaches. Some approaches are based on mathematical functions like NURBS and another of a great collection of polygons. As well as these, there are another techniques that combines the the both approaches like HyperNURBS.

NURBS is a very simple and capable modeling approach. NURBS is an abbreviation of “NON-Uniform Rational B-Splines” and is compared to the polygon modeling a modern method.

NURBS works with mathematical functions whereby objects can modeled by curves. These curves be refer as splines and are compose od points and tangents.

User can create 3-dimensional objects from the curves by the use of generators. By extrusion, rotation and morphing emerge by this approach the desire 3D NURBS objects. By splines a user can generate a path. This path serves to create a object or determine the alignment of them. The points at beginning and at the end are highlighted in a different color. Under the splines are existing a lot of different types and user can distinguish between open and close splines.

In the modeling by polygons simple geometric basic objects like cubes or cones are transform to another objects.

Online configurators revolutionized the options to create individual products in different sectors. The most provider offering only solutions in 2D. With an innovative 3D configurator companies can stands out from the competition.

Here can be distinguish two different procedures.

One opportunity is the beginning with an empty surface and in that the creating of an point-mesh which can be modeling to a polygon-object.

The alternative base of a choice of a existing standard-object which can be use as basic structure.

Compared to the NURBS modeling this method require a lot of practice and abstract thinking.

A combination of both approaches are called as HyperNURBS or Subdivision Surfaces. It is a opportunity to round objects by a algorithm. A repeated equalisation leads to a soft and high-definition modell.

The advantage of a gradually transformation from a rough to a fine model is the on one hand the lower needed data volume. Moreover the model remain clair and can also be reworked. Compared to the NURBS modeling user have not the opportunity to create paths. Therefore this technique is not so exactly like the NURBS modeling.

To the most used and most popular software solutions is blender. In the following article we will present a lot of another software like 123D from autodesk or shapesmith.

Blender is a open-source-solution from the blender foundation and will be evolve by a great community.

In a study of cgenie.com from the year 2010 achieve blender a market share of 5%. One of the greatest disadvantages of blender is the interface which is not intuitively designed and not support standards like drag & drop. Therefore is the training period with 3 months relative long.

However, the capability to create 3D models by blender are assesse as good and the popularity of the software is in europe very high. The greatest advantage of blender is the big community. User can find a lot of tutorials in the internet. This makes the introduction in the software very easy.

The software will be modernise by a lot of programmer because the code is open source.

Blender is compatible with a lot of different file formats like STL, VRLM or 3DS. Compared to a lot of ther software solutions for 3d modeling enables blender to change STL files by simple tools.

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To conclude, it can be said that blender a good solution is. Blender is a allround-talent and can be use almost in every area.

The american blend autodesk has with the 123D placed a software in the market which can also be use in a form of a mobile application for the iPad.

To make it easier to work with the software autodesk provides the user a lot of support forums and video tutorials. The operation with the software is very user-friendly.

123D provide only the opportunity to choose from given shapes. However, user can`t create models from the scratch. The export of a model is only possible in the OBJ-format. Moreover the user must pay to use the export-function in the software.

Shapesmith is a browser-based application to create 3D objects. The software is independence of platforms und runs in all WebGL-capable browser. The operation with the software is also intuitively and are base on the insertion of main bodies, which can subsequently adapt by functions like turning.

The software is able to save objects in STL-format. User can get support by a wiki or video tutorials.

Moreover provide autodesk with 3ds max and maya software solutions which are most used in the industry.

With a market share of 42% is 3ds max the most sales software for 3D modeling, visualization and animation.

The software is optimize for intel-processors and not like the most software solutions for Unix platforms.

3ds Max provides for user a lot of different functions. If user are miss a function it is possible to add a lot of functions more by the download of PlugIns.

Moreover user can adapt the user interface to their own preferences.

Two different versions of the software are be provide. During 3ds Max was developed for gamedeveloper and filmproducer, the version 3ds Max Design developed for architects and constructors.

3ds Max supports a lot of different data formats. The software is able to export and impott 3DS, VRML, STL and a lot of more another formats without any problems. Learning materials and documentations enable a fast introduction in the software.

In conclusion, the quality of modeling and the user-friendly interface can be classify as excellent.

A negative factor is the very expensive price and moreover that the software is not able to provide more in the area of NURBS modeling. The software is seen as be out-dated. However, 3ds Max is the most used software in the industry.

A another popular software for 3D modeling is Maya. The software are most used in the areas film production and gamedevelopment.

The software dispose about a wide selection of functions and won several national and international awards.

A great advantage of Maya is it high adaptability of the interface and the compability to software from third-party providers.

To learn the software user can find a lot of excellent training materials. The software is able to apply the NURBS modeling whereby the software enables to create very exactly models.

Maya is one of the completest and largest software solutions in the market. Beside this, user benefit of a very big choice of documentations and training videos.

However, the software is very expensive and user needs a lot of time to learn the handling with the software.


The best quality of 3D modeling provide the software 3ds Max.

Blender provides the best opportunities to learn the software by internet forums or videos. For almost every problem existing a tutorial in internet. But the user interface of the software is not very intuitively and quite unusual.

The software 123D from autodesk is the solution with the easiest handling. The complexity of blender or shapesmith can be categorise as medium.

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The software solutions 3ds Max and Maya are by the wide selection of functions more difficult. Moreover the software solutions are very expensive.

However, the fee require programs have the advantages that almost every format can be import and export.

Thanks for reading this article.