StudioSuits, a leading provider of finely tailored menswear, has introduced a new online suit 3D configurator that makes it easy to create an individual, handcrafted suit. The browser-based application allows men to fully customize their suit and provides authentic 3D rendering in real time. The application can be found on the StudioSuits website.


Users can sort by fabric, colour, pattern and price and view the materials available for designing their suit. The configurator offers options for more than a dozen different fabrics, numerous colours and six patterns, including solids, stripes, checks and more. According to a StudioSuits press release, more than 500 total combinations are available.

After choosing the fabric, colour and pattern, the user can further customise his suit with virtually unlimited possibilities. Tailor-made options include jacket, trousers and seam, including button shapes, lining material, pocket style, monogramming, sewing accents and dozens more. The customization options are limitless.

Each selected option is immediately displayed by the suit configurator, so the discerning buyer can see exactly what his individual suit looks like. Options can be easily added and removed for quick personalization. The final design can be instantly placed in the buyer`s shopping cart and purchased the way it is, completely customized. StudioSuits tailors the suit to the customer`s design and measurements, delivering a truly unique suit of the highest standard.

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“This is a really powerful tool that we are very proud of and would like to offer to our gentlemen shoppers,” says Harry Fashion, founder of StudioSuits. “It`s very easy to design a suit with our customization options and then see what this suits looks like in double-breasted or lace-faced styles. It`s much easier and more convenient than flicking through diagrams or buying racks and then cutting them to size.

StudioSuits is part of a strong tradition of excellence that uses only the best farbics and proven italian tailoring techniques. The parent company has been featured in Oprah Magazine, InStyle, the Tampa Tribune and several other major publications. The company also offers an easy-to-use ordering system that allows customers to quickly enter their measurements and orders and deliver items anywhere in the world.

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