When associations with the term Virtual Reality (VR) are made, only a few people are likely to think of using it commercially. Technology has evolved steadily in recent years and we have seen that its success is driven by consumer applications (like 3D configurators in VR), but the commercial potential is unique and diverse.

With increasing technological progress, the possibilities of hardware have also expanded. Below we will present what we believe to be the 5 best head-mounted displays on the market.

Google Cardboard.

Biggest advabtage: Price

You can actually get the Google Cardboard for free. After downloading a cardboard app, you can experience basic virtual reality software.

What is suitable for? Simplicity

Basic means Basic. Since you are bound to the cardboard app, you will of course have to cut back on functions. But companies like Lowe`s use the Low/No-Cost option in their virtual room design programs by allowing customers to divide their designs into 360 degrees.

Samsung Gear VR.

Biggest advantage: Availability

The Samsung Gear VR is a head-mounted display that offers uniques possibilities. Due to its low price and its compatibility with various smartphones, the Samsung Gear VR is the perfect device to get used to VR technology.

What is suitable for? Unique Experience

Imaging travelling to a new country, testing a car or attending an open day and not leaving your couch for a minute. These are applications that are currently used by this relatively simple device, with even more room to grow.

Oculus Rift.

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Biggest advantage: Innovation

Right from the start, Oculus Rift was one of the large VR devices available on the market. Most of the performance of the Oculus Rift is provided by a connected PC. Compared to other headsets, however, the device also has strong capabilities on its own. Since its release, it has also proven itself in a variety of environments.

What it is suitable for? Potential

As a low-cost option, the Oculus Rift represents the entry into the field of VR possibilities. It is currently used by surgeons at UCLA to test advanced procedures before trying them out.

HTC Vive.

Biggest advantage: Power

The HTC Vive is the premium product among head-mounted-displays. With advanced hardware and the widest range of software, it`s no surprise that the Vive is currently the absolute top product by which everyone else is judged.

What is it for? Business

HTC releases a current commercial version of Vive with its own unique applications, support system and pricing. More than the other manufacturers, HTC seems to be focused on broader application possibilities.

The future.

Biggest advantage: Mystery

What is suitable for? Waiting

With the rapid expansion of virtual reality technology in the last decade alone, it is difficult to predict where the technology will go next. But we can be sure that the business potential is already great.