In the following article, we would like to report on Mozilla`s (good browser to view 3D configurators) efforts to further develop the Social 3D Web as part of the Mixed Reality program.

Mixed Reality will release a number of new applications in the near future that will change the way we live and work. This development will also have a great influence on the communication processes on the internet.

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In contrast to conventional online communication tools such as text, voice or video, Mixed Reality makes it easier to make communication processes more present and interactive, just like in real life. They can make eye contact, nod their heads or even play catch and that with every person in the world.

In the following video you can see more examples:

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Mozilla is committed to ensuring that the internet remains a global public resource. This mission aims to further promote this new form of transformative and internet-based communication. The idea behind this is that the Web is the best platform for mixed-reality-based communication. Mixed Reality will ensure that people in this new medium can communicate and collaborate openly, across devices and ecosystems, while retaining control over their identity, Meetings with other people from around the world should be as easy as sharing a link.

To realize this vision, a dedicated team was formed that focuses on Social Mixed Reality. In the following article, we would like to present Mozilla`s vision and roadmap for advancing social mixed reality experiences on the web.

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WebVR has come a long way since its first steps in 2014. The WebVR and A-frame communities have made amazing progress, but developments in social mixed reality are still extremely rare.

Without a common set of libraries and APIs, social mixed reality experiences on the web are often contradictory with limited support for identity and avatars. In addition, there is a lack of basic tools that allow users to find, share and experience content together.

In the coming months, Mozilla will invest in areas that will help advance social mixed reality experiences on the Web. Initially, open source components and services will be offered that will allow A-frame deverlopers to deliver rich and compelling social mixed reality experiences with just a few lines of code. In addition, proprietary social mixed reality products will be developed to make the technology more visible to the public.

In the near future, first demos will be published and shared in Github repositories. In this way, as much feedback as possible will be collected.

Mozilla will focus on the following areas:

Avatars and Identities.

A-Frame will be enabled to bring natural, human communication into the user experience in real time. This includes the efficient networking of voice and avatars, consistent motion control, mechanism for self-portrayal and adaptation as well as the control of one`s own identity. Ways will also be sought for users to publish and distribute custom avatars and accessories for users of social mixed reality applications.


As part of their new social mixed reality experiences, users will want to find their friends or meet new people, while at the same time having the essential controls at their disposal to ensure an appropriate level of comfort and security. Mozilla Intends to integrate conventional text- and speech-based communication, social networking and cross-application interactions such as messaging into mixed-reality A-frame applications. These include more traditional features such as messaging and blocking as well as mixed reality specific features such as personal space management.


Once users are able to be with other people in Mixed Reality, they will be able to interact with shared 3D objects. They should be able to throw a frisbee against each other, play cards or even create a sculpture together. In addition, objects in zje world should be where users left them when they come back later. Social-Mixed-Reality-Apps should make it especially easy to manage the live manipulation and networking of supported 3D objects.


Increase your conversion rate.

We help you to generate more inquiries from your website with Mixed Reality.

There are things that users always want to do in a social environment. In real life today it is possible to shoot and share a photo anywhere and anytime with a smartphone. Components and tools are also to be made available that are useful for all social mixed reality experiences. How do you find trial apps to share with friends? Where and how can you meet new people?

We would like to answer these questions in upcoming articles and give people access to this new technology.