TurboSquid 3D has the highest quality 3D model (for example to create a 3D configurator) library available on the Internet. In this article we will explore the reasons why artists, architects and designers find it so useful.

The following video illustrates how you can sell your 3D models with TurboSquid:

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Being a professional artist for 3D visualizations requires much more than the knowledge of complicated rendering software and a keen eye for composition, color and motion – it requires ingenuity. Any artist who`s worth the seventeen Teraflop Mega PC he`s working on knows exactly who to ask to take the shortcuts necessary to maintain a lighning-fast workflow plan.

TurboSquid 3D is one of those places to look.

It`s an online service that provides hundreds and thousands of pre-built 3D models for 3D visualization artists to populate their works with. It`s a digital library with a variety of categories ranging from cars and people to entire architectural works. It gives rendering artists the ability to design the most important things, then select from TurboSquid to fill in the less important spaces.

3D models are distributed on a pay-per-model basis. Once you`ve purchased a license to use a particular asset, you can then freely use it to enrich an image or animation, however your creative mind imagines it. The available models are all world class quality and are made by the same professionals who buy them in the backend.

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TurboSquid is a great place to present your modeling work. Their models must meet the highest industry standards and will even undergo Checkmate certification to ensure accuracy and quality. Once your model is approved, it will be uploaded to the marketplace and sold for up to $1,000.

In addition, if you are part of team, a company or a digital rendering office and want to work more intensively with TurboSquid in the future, you can benefit from a free membership. Membership allows you to set budgets and workflow restrictions with TurboSquid to ensure the best possible assistance for the lowest Investment.

TurboSquad is ideal for architects who want to extend their 3D model library when rendering inhouse. This is not the most viable option for smaller companies, but for offices with large budget projects there are a wealth of landspace, entourage and figurative options to make architecture popular. These models ad the movement and content necessary to focus on the merits of the design rather than the strange-looking, rendered child with three feat and seven eyes.

For 3D renderers and visualizers looking for a consistent and reliable resource for the most accurate 3D models, TurboQuid is the right address.