If you read this article, chances are good that you already know that ZBrush (well-suited to create a 3D configurator) is a powerful sculpting and painting program. You`ve heard it revolutionize the 3D industry. You know it`s used to create many award-winning video games and movies like Bioshock Infinite and Avatar. You`re probably as excited as we are about this program, but maybe you`re not sure where to start. Don`t worry about it. This post and many others will help you answer many questions from beginners, such as “What can I do to get started with ZBrush?” and “What ZBrush resources are available?”.

ZBrush resources.

With ZBrush, you can let your creativity run wild: design and create as you please. Get inspired by reading this practical guide.

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Mit unseren 3D-Konfiguratoren erreichen Sie mehr kommerziellen Erfolg auf Website..

Pixologic offers a comprehensive, informative and helpful website to support you with ZBrush. You will find a quite extensive section “Learn ZBrush”. In this section you will find detailed video tutorials for every skill level, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. There is a large selection of videos offering a variety of ZBrush lessons. You can view them in chronological order or just search for what interests you.

Pixologic also offers free ZBrush courses. You can take the basic course “Getting started” or choose from many other courses. The course selection includes: “Digital Sculpting & Modeling”, “Texturing”, “Posing & Animation“, “Rendering” and “Plug-ins”.

If for any reason you need more information, you can directly contact the ZBrush community where you can interact with other users, participate in group meetings or read the ZBrush blog for news and tutorials. If there are still questions, users can get help directly from the ZBrush support area.

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ZBrush Inspiration.

If you think ZBrush is for video games and movies only, we have news for you. ZBrush is used in many different industries.. Learning how this program is used in scientific visualization, 3D printing and even jewelry design could inspire you to break new ground. You can also visit the impressive art gallery on the Pixologic website to set your creative ideas in motion. All this inspiration will help you to look beyond your own nose with your designs.