Many online shops have recognized the trend long before. User can after the upload of a picture try different eyeglasses and order by a 3D configurator.

We want to analyze the potential of eyeglasses configurators on the internet in this following article.

In a first step we will evaluate the demand for configurators by the keyword planer from Google and we will subsequently analyze the most important competitors on the internet.

Erhöhen Sie Ihr Verkaufsvolumen.

Mit unseren 3D-Konfiguratoren erreichen Sie mehr kommerziellen Erfolg auf Website..

To conclude, we will evaluate the potentials of configurators on the internet.

Analyze by the keyword planer.

The following table contains important keywords with regard to a eyeglasses’ configurator:

Keyword Search Volume Competition CPC
custom sunglasses 9.900 High 4,42
personalised sunglasses 2.900 High 3,46
design your own sunglasses 590 High 1,5
custom glasses 1.600 High 2,59
custom eyeglasses 1.000 High 3,38
build your own sunglasses 140 High 2,09
custom eyeglass frames 320 High 2,66
custom made glasses 480 High 2,26
custom sunglass lenses 260 High 2,65
monogrammed sunglasses 140 High 1,3
personalized plastic sunglasses 30 High 1,86
Virtual eyeglasses 1.000 High 0,77
glasses online try on 1.300 Middle 2,42
virtual glasses try on 1.900 Middle 1,35
try on glasses app 1.300 Middle 0,85
home try on glasses 720 High 4,12
try on sunglasses online 480 Middle 0,66
virtual eyewear 170 High 0,26
try glasses 480 Niedrig 1,03

With little effort user can find a lot of different interesting keywords.

Analyze the trend by Google.

Virtual glasses try on.

Trendanalyse Brillenkonfigurator

For the keyword: “virtual glasses try on” exists a stable and high demand.

Trendanalyse Brille online anprobieren

Compared to the keyword: “virtual glasses try on” is the search volume of the keyword: “custom eyeglasses” since 2012 high. The following image visualizes the demand of the keyword “custom-made glasses”.

Trendanalyse Brille online testen

Conclusion: User can find a lot of different interesting keywords with high search volumes.

In the following step we will analyze the most important competitors by the tool “domain value” of Xovi:

The website has an average visibility and could surpass the competitors with a high probability by own efforts in SEO.

The website have an middle to high visibility.

Konkurrenzanalyse Brille virtuell anprobieren

This website have an low visibility.

Konkurrenzanalyse virtuelle brillenanprobe

The website have a very high visibility. User must invest approx. 200.000€ per month to get the same visibility.

Conclusion: By enter of many keywords get competitors with low visibility good positions in the search results.

In total in the SERPS the user can find a lot of different websites with high, middle and low visibility.

Evaluation: To eyeglasses configurators consists a strong competition among different suppliers.

Erhöhen Sie Ihr Verkaufsvolumen.

Mit unseren 3D-Konfiguratoren erreichen Sie mehr kommerziellen Erfolg auf Website..

However, users can find domains with low or middle visibility on the top positions.

Users can exploit potentials through an intelligent selection of longtail-keywords.

There is a good chance to get high position in the SERPs by different keywords.

Configurators to try virtual eyeglasses provide for new entrants good chances to achieve entry to the market. However, the online marketing strategy must be well considered and implemented.