Lower costs for trade fairs and events.

3D animations or 3D configurators can drastically reduce costs for trade fairs and events. There are no costs for the transport of machines, storage costs and installation costs due to specialized technology.

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Animations improve customer understanding.

Some technical concepts are difficult to explain to the customer, even if the machine is currently available. Product flow can be covered by protective devices, some processes in the chemical or product processing industry are not visible to the naked eye. 3D animations can highlight everything that can’t be filmed with conventional recording techniques.

Increase your conversion rate.

We help you to generate more inquiries from your website with 3D animations.

With 3D animations, language barriers can be effectively counteracted.

Most 3D animations don’t even require a voice. 3D rendering graphics help customers understand all the concepts and benefits of the industrial machine without the help of text-informed graphics, speakers or interpreters.

3D animations can be used in many different media channels.

Today, 3D animations can be used in almost all media. From the website or via social media, you can use 3D animations to allow your sales team to present their products.

3D animations are much better than traditional video.

Why create 3D animations when you can film machines and production processes with a camera? This is the classic objection against the use of 3D animation. The following points speak in favour of using 3D animation:

In order to produce good video material, it is necessary to set up shooting sets with lights, backgrounds and equipment, which in most cases can only be created with great difficulty in production departments. With 3D animations, this is not necessary. Only a 3D file from the CAD design data is required.

Some industrial machines reach production speeds of up to a thousand units per minute. The human eye cannot therefore perceive the movements that contribute to the transformation or packaging of a product. With 3D animations, you can choose the speed at which you want to visualize the product flow, from slow motion to actual speed.

Increase your conversion rate.

We help you to generate more inquiries from your website with 3D animations.

In many cases, important aspects of scenes such as electrical and pneumatic cables cannot be captured during traditional filming. In a video with 3D animations, you can eliminate or semi-transparent all elements that interfere with the scene, and focus the viewer’s attention on the important parts only.

Virtually no difference to reality through photo-realistic quality.

The quality and accuracy of the materials used today to produce photorealistic renderings make it possible to create 3D animations that are so realistic that even the eyes of the most experienced technicians can be misled. The realistic interplay of materials with light and environment makes the pictures so realistic that the viewer can hardly believe that this is all just a virtual world.

With 3D animations, machines can be visualized before production begins.

In the area of food and pharmaceutical packaging as well as in other niche industries, it is very important to visualize the operation of a machine before entering the market. For customers in these markets (multinational and large companies) it is crucial to understand exactly how their product is packaged. Slides with graphics, text and photos are not enough to communicate the advantages of machines. With 3D animations it is possible to secure competitive advantages over the competition, as the purchase security of customers can be successively improved by a better understanding.

Increase your conversion rate.

We help you to generate more inquiries from your website with 3D animations.

Modifications of 3D animations are much easier.

In order to change an existing video, all the equipment has to be made available for recording. The cost of modifying classic videos is many times higher than a 3D animation, where only one 3D file needs to be updated.