The analysis tool (there are very good tools for analyzing 3D configurators) of CGTrader recently had a major update. Designers on CGTrader can now access exclusive marketplace data at any time and no longer have to wonder that to create next. The only requirement for accessing this data is that at least 5 models have already been uploaded to the marketplace.

What`s next?

There are no large categories anymore, from now on the analysis tool is based on keywords, which provide very precise data about the marketplace, customer needs and available models.

The static interface has been completely changed. Previously, you could only see very simple information about the marketplace, but now Analytics offers additional, advanced data fields that show you data about search, distribution in terms of quality, sales distribution, liquidity and other information in real time.

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Different levels of keyword complexity have also been used in the tool so that users will be able to fill many niches in the market. A simple tier system allows experienced designers to delve deeper into market trends and keywords, while the integrated keyword phrase search function allows the sophisticated designer more interactivity and planning.

In total, the analysis tool offers 100 keywords for each of the three filters (category, subcategory and model tags), 100 Deficit keywords and thousands of other keywords via the keyword bar.

If you want to learn more about CGTrader`s analysis tool, we recommend you watch the video below:

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The Tier-System.

Designers must upload at least 5 models to CGTrader to use the analysis tool and there is an Tier system to provide appropriate information to designers at each experience level.

In short, the first stages are for beginners who simply want to improve their portfolio or wonder what to create and who have no use for being flooded with hundreds of data points. With each easily accessible level, designers gain access to additional data and can analyze more and more keywords. The most experienced users have access to search terms and define keywords and can focus on less popular niche products. You can easily see what you need to do to get to the next level, located at the bottom of the Analytics page.