Against the backdrop of the increasing dissemination of 3D configurators on the internet, we would like to highlight the importance of a 3D product configurator in online marketing concepts by reference to a jewelry example.

The central question  is: “What contribution does a 3D product configurator make to achieving the defined marketing goals?”

In a first step, we will conduct a strategic situation analysis. We will analyze the potential, the competitors and the target groups. After defining (online) marketing goals, we will develop an (online) marketing strategy and formulate (online) marketing instruments to achieve the defined marketing goals. Finally, a choice of convenient (online) marketing tools is carried out to accomplish objectives, especially the importance of a 3D product configurator as a (online) marketing tool.

Keyword Search Volume
Schmuck Konfigurator (jewellery configurator) 70
Trauring Konfigurator (wedding ring configurator) 2.400
Trauringe konfigurieren (configure wedding rings) 480
Trauringe selbst gestalten (design wedding rings yourself) 260
Ring selbst gestalten (Design your own ring) 590
Verlobungsring Konfigurator (Engagement Ring Configurator) 170
Eheringe selbst gestalten (design your own wedding ring) 140
Trauring konfigurieren (configure wedding ring) 110
Eheringe konfigurieren  (configure wedding rings) 210
Ring konfigurieren (configure ring) 260
Ehering selbst gestalten (design your own wedding ring) 90
Verlobungsring konfigurieren (configure engagement ring) 90
Ringe selbst designen (design rings yourself) 110
Trauringe gestalten (shape wedding rings) 50
Diamantring Konfigurator (diamond ring configurator) 20
Eheringe gestalten (shape wedding rings) 40
Hochzeitsringe selber gestalten (create wedding rings yourself) 40
Trauringe online gestalten (design wedding rings online) 20

There are numerous interesting keywords with a relatively high search volume. All in all, a quite high potential can be assumed.

Competition analysis.

Google delivers a total of 163.000 different search results for the keyword: “jewelry configurator”. In the following we will look at different providers for different keywords.

The first place in the ranking for the keyword “jewelry configurator” is occupied by the following domain:

Konkurrenzanalyse Schmuck Konfigurator is a domain with a very high visibility. One would have to invest scarcely 130.000€ per month with Google Ads to reach the same operational rank.

Now we take a closer look at rank five after entering the keyword: “engagement ring configurator”:

Konkurrenzanalyse Trauring Konfigurator is a domain with high visibility, too. Now follows rank four of the keyword: “configure wedding rings”:

Konkurrenzanalyse Eheringe selber gestalten is a website with average visibility. Good placements would be therefore possible by appropriate marketing measures. In the following we take a closer look at the third rank of the keyword: “design rings yourself”:

Konkurrenzanalyse Eheringe selber gestalten

This website currently has a very high visibility. Finally, we consider the current seventh rank of the keyword: “design wedding rings yourself”:

Konkurrenzanalyse Ring Konfigurator

This domain also currently has a very high visibility. To get an overview of the competitive situation, we will analyze the competition in the following by means of 5 randomly selected keywords with the keyword planner from Google:

Keyword Competition
Hochzeitsringe selber gestalten (design wedding rings yourself) High
Ringe selber gestalten (design your own rings) High
Eheringe konfigurieren (configure wedding rings) High
Schmuck Konfigurator (jewellery configurator) High
Verlobungsring Konfigurator (engagement ring configurator) High

According to the keyword planner, the competition is high for all 5 keywords. Is it worth investing in Google Ads? More information can be found in the following table:

Keyword Competition
Hochzeitsringe selber gestalten (design wedding rings yourself) 0,95
Ringe selber gestalten (design your own rings) 0,84
Eheringe konfigurieren (configure wedding rings) 1,96
Schmuck Konfigurator (jewellery configurator) 0,68
Verlobungsring Konfigurator (engagement ring configurator) 1,86

Against the backdrop of the relatively high selling prices and in comparison to keywords without configurator reference such as “buy wedding rings” (€ 2.79), the costs per click are not too high. Thus, a positive Return on Invest (RoI) is to be assumed with a Google campaign. The following exemplary calculation example should illustrate this:

Assumptions: 4% conversion rate, CPC = 1 €, selling price = 2000 €

Cost per conversion: 1 € / 0.04 = 25 € Marketing costs per conversion

At a conversion rate of 4.25 € marketing costs per ring must be taken into account. With a sales price of approx. 2000 € a positive RoI should be very probable. Conversion is defined here as the sale of a ring.

Target group analysis.

The above keyword research leaves no doubt about the target group. The target group can be clearly defined as future married couples.

In the following, we will characterize the target group using various characteristics:

Age: For men, the average age is 33 years. For women, on the other hand, the average age is 31.

Gender: The fact that all costs at the wedding are borne by the groom has grown historically.

Other target group-related statements cannot be made because people with different levels of education marry across all social classes.

Conclusion: There is a high demand for jewelry configurators on the internet. In order to satisfy this demand, several companies have placed themselves in the competition.

Overall, the competition is high and there are numerous providers with a high visibility. Nevertheless, the selection of intelligent keywords can certainly exhaust the potential in this area.

The CPC is relatively low compared to non configurator related keywords such as “buy wedding rings”, so that a positive return on investment can be expected with a corresponding Google Adwords campaign.

The target group here is clearly defined. It concerns end consumers and future married couples between 30 and 38. The groom is usually the one, who makes the purchase decision.

(Online-) marketing goals.

The following (online) marketing objectives are to be achieved through (online) marketing:

  • sales increase

  • reach a certain target group

  • facilitate business processes

In essence, sales to future married couples are to be increased. In order to reduce administrative expenses, personalization requests are to be handled directly via the configurator in the future.

The focus of customer-oriented strategies is on innovation. The configurator is intended to set the provider apart from the competition by offering a unique technical innovation.

In order to avoid high competition niche terms should be found and optimized. In addition, a state-of-the-art 3D configurator should be developed in real time. On this basis, market entry barriers can be built up at an early stage and specialization effects can be achieved.

Overall assessment.

In this case, the 3D product configurator plays a decisive role for the success of the online marketing concept.

On the other hand, it enables differentiation from many other providers on the market.

The 3D product configurator enables the concentration on a certain target group. In a concrete case on future married couples, which look for personalizeable wedding rings on the internet.

In addition, the 3D product configurator also enables differentiation in the price range. The personalization options increase the willingness of customers to pay a higher price.

The 3D product configurator also makes partial market coverage possible, i.e. providers can only concentrate on selling personalizeable rings to future married couples.

Due to the innovative character of a 3D product configurator, the provider protrude from competitors and also creates market entry barriers for other potential suppliers in his niche, e.g. due to the necessity to procure capital to the configurator.

In addition, the 3D product configurator reduces the administration effort by facilitating business processes.

Against this backdrop, the influence of the 3D product configurator on the success of the (online) marketing concept can be classified as extremely high.