Open has it, BMW has been using it for a long time and even furniture stores are now working with this tool. 3D Configurators have become an integral part of everyday life. They can be found on the internet as well as 3D tools in kitchen studios and architectural offices.

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What started with a simple application for selecting different images and functions is now a mature software. 3D displays, individual selection options and various views of the configured product are now common functions of a configurator. In short, a configurator is a software for the individual composition or configuration of a product that allows people to visually design their own ideas at the click of a mouse an thus obtain the desired product.

Why a configurator make sense.

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Basically, a configurator acts as a consultant. This means he takes the position of a service employee and „answers“ all customer questions in advance without you having to do anything. These can be the future appearance of the vehicle in conjunction with additional functions such as seat heating, bend lighting etc., but also the modified reversing lights. Everything that was previously programmed in the tool can be selected. Configurators are not limited to the automotive industry. The furniture or toy industry also benefits from configurators. Bedroom cupboards, beds and even toys can be individually adapted using various selection options. The desire for individuality has also found its way to manufacturers.

In addition, a configurator is available to customers at any time: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This not only increases your effectiveness, but also increases your sales. At the same time you save money. Similar to a consultation video, short consultation videos are built into the configurators at the points, which answer all customer questions without personal consultation. An employee can`t afford it.

Let`s take an example. A furniture manufacturer offers three options for the individual configuration of the new bedroom cabinet: once with sliding doors, once with sliding doors and once the classic folding door. Each of these options fundamentally changes the look of the new piece of furniture. As a customer, you don`t know what changes the modification optically. The visualization via the configurator gives the cutsomer an immediate view of his future cabinet according to his ideas. A consultation video at this point saves unnecessary questions and helps the customer without the assistance of an employee. A the same time you save time, because once a video has been recorded, it can be accessed by thousands of customers at any time. It is not necessary to hire additional consultants.

The ranking and reach of your homepage will also be positively influenced. Google not only analyzes websites by keywords and content, but also monitors the time users spend on the site. A configurator keeps the user on the homepage until he has finished the configuration. As a result, the lenght of stay and thus also the ranking on Google increase. You will be found faster and better by interested parties and thus gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Especially in the age of progressive digitalization, hardly any manufacturing company can do without a configurator. The multitude of competitors has made it difficult to stand out from the crowd. A configurator offers a unique selling point that is an advantage in the battle for customers. With a configurator you stay in trend.

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Mit unseren 3D-Konfiguratoren erreichen Sie mehr kommerziellen Erfolg auf Website..

This speaks in favour of a configurator:

  • growing number of customer requests for customization options.
  • Saving of money due to missing labour costs.
  • Saving on time.
  • More Advice.
  • Greater Reach.
  • Longer stay on the homepage.
  • Errors excluded.
  • Unique selling point in your industry.
  • Photorealistic pictures and visualizations.
  • Growing sales figures.
  • Better findability on the internet.
  • Trendy service.

How a configurator works – digital consulting without costs in sales & marketing.

The functionality of a configurator is quite simple: it allows a choice between several variants. This means that the more variation possibilities a product offers, the more extensive and complex are the functions of the software tool. Basically, a configurator works similar to an onlineshop. While an online shop offers the choice between several different products, a configurator offers only one product. This product can be modified with various properties until it meets the customer`s requirements. They receive their dream product, which means that a large number of sales arguments are completely eliminated. No costly consultations, no additional simulations on the computer and above all no location-dependent advice. The customer advises himself. Entrepreneurs who want to install a configurator on their homepage should therefore think about what the configurator should do before installing a configurator.

This idea plays a major role in the development of the appropriate configurator. No configurator is like the other. An automobile manufacturer needs other software components than a furniture manufacturer. While one requires properties such as Colour and additional functions, the other focuses on the opening direction of the cabinet doors or wood types. For this reason, there are no ready-made configurators. They are individually developed and build up step by step. This step-by-Step structure allows specific adjustments after user feedback.

In one word: costs and performance in one package.

How much a configurator costs depends on the requirements and complexity you place on the tool. Should it visualize in 3D, is a 2D representation sufficient or what functions should the configurator have? The shop system also plays an important role. Can the configurator be easily connected to the existing shop system or are special modifications possible? Additional costs such as license costs, maintenance costs, hosting and further developments are also included in the price. The order of magnitude is between 10.000 and 100.000 €. An individual consultation by a specialized agency is therefore indispensable. After an initial discussion, the latter prepares an initial concept and checks whether models for this concept already exist. After clarifying open questions with the developers, you will receive a finished concept and a non-binding offer. If the offer is accepted, a prototype is designed if necessary, which specifies the further development steps for the construction of the configurator. On request, the agency organizes professional workshops on how to use the configurator.

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Furthermore, it is possible to use configurators as Software as a Service via an external IT service provider. The requirements are low. All you need is your own server. SaaS can also be clarified through the agency.

Digitalisation will continue and will have an impact on industry and trade. For this reason, configurators will become increasingly important. If you don`t want to stay on the siding in the station of life, you should jump on the train in the direction of the configurator and thus the future.