MasterpieceVR has been released and serves as a strong alternative to the other VR applications und 3D configurators currently offered for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

MasterpieceVR is a very powerful creation tool in VR that simplifies the creation of 3D content and enhances the workflow of creatives and designers with innovative and intuitive technology. This title offers a variety of functions for creating 3D content.

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The special feature of this tool is that it allows a true multi-user collaboration of 3D content in VR, so that up to 4 people can work on a project in real time, as well as multiple viewers. This sounds groundbreaking because it could help artists reduce the completion of 3D assets through teamwork. In addition, MasterpieceVR has combined Sculpting and Painting in one interface.

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3D designers rely on digital sculpting software for flat panel displays such as Brush and Mudbox to create realistic 3D content for various purposes such as games and movies. Google has taken this to a new level with the introduction of Tiltbrush VR, with a brand new, intuitive user interface for digital sculpting. This has enabled not only professional designers, but also people of all disciplines to create great digital 3D artwork. With the introduction of multiuser teamwork in MasterpieceVR, the standard seems to have been raised again.

MasterpieceVR also allows viewers to see the creation process, which is also a social aspect, which I think is also a premiere for VR. Viewers can offer real-time feedback, exchange ideas or even have a 3D modeling class. Non-VR users don`t miss out either, this app also offers live streaming functionality via YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

The developer has provided me with the following artwork, which shows me what you can do if you have this tool in the hands of someone with talent. In this case this artwork is created by Vladimir Ilic in MasterpieceVR with AMD`s Radeon Vega graphics card.

Increase your conversion rate.

We help you to generate more inquiries from your website with Virtual Reality content.

MasterpieceVR works with various VR headsets on the PC. For professional designers, the good news is that you can also export the 3D files to various standard 3D software such as OBJ, STL and FBX for use in traditional 3D modelling/sculpting programs such as Autodesk Maya or 3ds Max.

MasterpieceVR aims to eliminate this high learning curve of different 3D software solutions so that more people can develop their inner creativity.

According to the developers, a designer can create a 3D model up to 7 times faster than a professional with years of experience with traditional 3D modeling applications. It`s hard for me to doubt this claim. After all, creating 3D models in 3D space is easier and what is better than VR?

There are over 20 tools in Masterpiece, including the standard tools Add, Delete, Shrink, Dent, Smooth, Pinch, Copy, Paste and many more. It seems that developers have really spent countless hours making traditional digital sculpting tools as natural and simple as possible. The strenght of each tool is also adjustable, so you can go deeper with these finer strokes and smaller details.

Deverlopers of other VR digital sculpting applications should focus on this application as this seems to be the best sculpting tool in VR yet. The title is currently offered for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam.