Recently it was announced that Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey supported a crowdfounding campaign for Revive – a hack that allows HTC Vive (ideal to view 3D configurators) owners to play games from the Oculus platform up to $2000 a month to support further development. The action is in stark contrast to the Oculus organization’s closed ecosystem approach.

Oculus Founde Revive

We can’t help you make your Vive more portable and user-friendly, but we can help you play exclusive Oculus titles – or almost anything you bought from the Oculus Store – on your HTC HMD.

First things first, you don’t need a workaround for most games. If you own a Vive headset, in most cases you should purchase titles through the Viveport Jump Off or Valve’s Steam Store. Compatible titles will work with both Vive and Rift if you start them from either service.

But if you want to play a game that is only available from the Oculus Rift Store, such as Lone Echo or even the free Bulletstorm experience, you will need some help. The Oculus software doesn’t provide native support for Vive, so you’ll need a wonderful little program called Revive.

Revive is a program that seamlessly integrates with your Vive experience, giving you access to games from your Oculus Store Home in virtual reality.

It works like this:

Install the Oculus Rift software (skip the steps to configure the headset).

Go to LibreVR’s Revive Installer page on Github and click on “ReviveInstaller.exe” under the latest version.

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Follow the simple installation instructions.

Buy or download a game from the Oculus Store.

Start Steam VR or Viveport and put on your Vive Headset and enter your VR Home.

You should see the Revive button in your Vive Dashboard in VR.

Once you have selected the Revive in VR button, a list of your Oculus Store library titles will be displayed. You can select any of them and they should work normally.

There are some slight differences between the Oculus Rift Touch Controllers and HTC’s elegant handhelds. Fortunately, the LibreVR team has taken this into account.

Some games, like Dead & Buried, just don’t work for performance reasons. Others, like Minecraft, won’t work with Revive, but have other options – look at Vivecraft in this case.

But in most cases, any title you have in your Oculus Store library should work on the Vive headset with Revive. This is very helpful if you built a library for your Rift and then bought a Vive for the wireless adapter or a Vive Pro for improved picture and audio quality.

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