Google recently announced that on 01.03.2018 the Tango project (also important for 3D configurators) will be officially terminated. Tango is an early effort by Google to bring Augmented Reality (AR) to mobile devices, but the investments in Tango have never really paid off. The system was introduced in 2014 and has been used in developer kits and even a few consumer devices to date,

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But these devices required special sensors ans in the meantime Google is able to bring AR functionality to mobile devices with already available hardware. Google introduced a new AR system, known as ARCore, in late August 2017. It brought the system in the form of AR stickers on pixels and pixel 2 – allowing access to AR features for many potential users who couldn`t be reached with Tango.

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Since the announcement of ARCore, it has been more or less clear that Tango would be evading ARCore. Recently Google made this official. The Tango website has now been taken offline and Tango`s twitter account has been informed that Tango will be outdated and no longer supported by Google as of March 1, 2018. It was expressly pointed out that ARCore is the reason for the end of the Tango project. Officially it says via Twitter: “Google continues the AR development with ARCore”.

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