You probably haven`t seen many websites with 3D configurators before, and you probably don`t know exactly what 3D means on the web, so you`ll think content shot from many angles and digitally stitched up is 3D without even noticing it.

There are many fun technologies in the world of webd esign that make it easier to develop a 3D website and worth mentioning here is certainly three.js, a JavaScript framework that WebGL uses to create a 3D environment on their website that can then be filled with objects.

This method uses JavaScript, a well-known language in the developer community, and has recently introduced a new framework called A-Frame, which allows you to write your own 3D website in HTML, making it even easier for new developers to get involved.

But what`s the point of having a website in 3D? Ebay has a 3D marketplace with three.js to present their products, which means that you can see the product you want to buy in 3D from any angle or size.

There is also the growing social movement where Facebook has developed plans for immersive virtual reality (VR) and has already developed a headset that makes it easy to move around a 3D website and better interact with friends.

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A 3D marketplace would also be an interesting concept and could improve product sales. If done right, it will trigger a trend in other marketplaces such as Amazon, although one can imagine that Amazon will also be the scepter in this regard in the medium to long term.

Unfortunately, there are usually disadvantages when new technologies become more widespread. This will not be any different with 3D websites, as they require more bandwidth and models that are larger than in 2D. This means increased data utilization, lower loading speeds, and possibly less usability.

User hardware will also be a disadvantage, as these websites are typically backbone for games and WebGL. They will use graphics cards that the majority of consumers don`t have, so it will take several years for people and manufacturers to accept the need to include them, especially on lower budget models.

Over time, as the technology evolves, more and more 3D websites will emerge as either the target audience`s demand increases organically or the demand evolves through the marketing of new and thus innovative hardware. The direction in which this is developing can only be guessed at, but it can be assumed that large companies such as Amazon or Facebook will see the potential and invest a lot to position themselves optimally in this respect.