We tested a lot of different tools to find the best option to create a 3D configurator. The 3D modelling tool blender provides all features that user desire.

Blender is a software for 3D animations free-of-charge and can be download about the following site. The following image gives an overview about the user interface of blender.

3D animations blender

With blender user can create character animations by keyframes or skeleton-systems. Moreover the software enables the modelling and texturing of 3D-mesh-models. With the integrated simulation physics tool user can simulate elements like fire or water.

The software works with 2 RenderingEngines. The modern cycles-engines make it possible to generate photorealistic results. The user can when necessary integrate extern renderer in the software.

Increase your conversion rate.

We help you to generate more inquiries from your website with 3D animations.

Before you can create own 3D models you must understand the structure of a 3D model. A model consists at least of 3 Vertex-points. The points can combine in a 3D room to a area.

Test blender and convince yourself about the usability of the software.