Yaskawa America, Inc. has introduced its new digital 3D configurator for servo motors and motion control products.

product configurator 3D parts models

The new tool was developed by CADENAS PARTsolutions and enables engineers to quickly find, configure and download a 3D partial model of servo motors directly from the Yaskawa website.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of inverter drives, motion control and robotic automation systems, Yaskawa was looking for a solution to make its products easily accessible to online customers.

Before launching their new configurator, engineers turn to search engines to find Yaskawa product downloads.

Before implementing the PARTsolutions product configurator, some of our customers would have difficulty finding documents on our website,” said Dakota Miller, product specialist at Yaskawa America, Inc.

Sometimes this would lead them to leave our site altogether and search for the drawings they need elsewhere.

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Engineers and designers can use Yaskawa’s digital product catalog to find and configure a servo motor in minutes without leaving Yaskawa’s website.

Engineers can also customize the product using the drop-down options built into the catalog, view an interactive 3D preview of the part, and download it as a native CAD file into their application.

“It’s valuable for the customer to see what options they have to customize their engines, select those options, and then the configurator builds them for them,” says Miller.

The new catalog includes over 100 CAD formats and configured 3D PDF data sheets.

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