With immediate effect, Audi customers can put together their dream vehicle in 3D and real time. The realistic and animated 3D presentation of the Audi audio system of their choice can be done directly via the Audi website. The rollout for the 3D configurator takes place in 25 countries.

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Audi is another automobile manufacturer to use „real 3D visualization“ in its product configurator. Instead of using static (individual) images as in the past, customers will in future experience an „animated car in 360-degree-perspective in real time“, according to Audi, for the first time directly via the Audi website. In addition to Germany, the new 3D configurator will be launched in a further 24 countries worldwide.

Audi calls its 3D solution for the vehicle configurator on the Web „Audi Visualization Engine“. Important for the customer: No additional app or special plug-in is required for the interactive compilation of the desired Audi dream model via the Audi website. Audi does not go into detail with the 3D technology used and only reveals so much that the 3D application uses virtual Audi data models and „presentation techniques of the games industry“. In the past, Audi has collaborated with Unity Technology, among others.

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With the new 3D solution „Audi Visualization Engine“, customers will be able to set their desired Audi in different environments with a single click, for example in a green landscape in Iceland, or virtually retract und extend the convertible top.

According to Audi, the A4 is the first 3D pilot model to be available on the manufacturer`s german website since 2017. Now the comprehensive rollout of the Audi visualization engine with all available models in large European markets such as Germany, Great Britain, France and Spain as well as in the USA and Japan is beginning. For the future, an expansion for the display quality to 4K, further country-specific environments for the cars and an individual use of the solution for the partner companies are planned.