The ability to create content with 3D modeling software (very important in creation processes of 3D configurators) can be a great advantage for any graphic designer. Using 3D modeling software, clients can create photorealistic illsutrations and mock-ups that are always well received by every client.

There are many different 3D modeling software solutions on the market. We would like to present here the 8 most popular solutions.

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SketchUp is a user-friendly application that is ideally suited for newbies and can be downloaded for free. SketchUp also offers a paid pro version, but professionel renderings and animations can also be created with the free basic version.


Blender is another free 3D modeling software. Features include photorealistic renderings, animations and video cuts. For advanced users, the software also offers the possibility to develop complete 3D games, videos or simulations such as smoke or fire.


AutoCAD from autodesk is the most versatile and widely used 3D modeling software on the market. The software is used by engineers as well as graphic designers and other professionals.


Rhino is a curve-based 3D modeling software that creates mathematically accurate models of 3D surfaces. It is used in architecture, industry and graphic design. Rhino offers users a complete library of online tutorials, training manuals, and many other learning opportunities.


Autodesk`s Revit is specialized in architectural design and building construction, expecially Building Information Modeling (BIM). The functions lead from free concept sketches to sustainable energy analysis with numerous functions for collaboration and sharing of works.

3ds Max.

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3ds Max by Autodesk is a 3D modeling software for renderings, animations and simulations for games, movies, industrial design and motion graphics. Designers can bring their creations to life with more believable textures. human-like movements, flowing hair and furs, and particle simulations.


Maya by Autodesk is a 3D modeling software for animations, renderings and simulations and is very similar in application to 3ds Max, but overall less user-friendly for beginners. The software is used in video game development, animation, visual effects and offers higher quality tools for characters and effects.

Cinema 4D.

Cinema 4D is 3D animation and rendering modeling software developed by MAXON and available in 4 flavors – Motion Graphics artists, architects, designers and 3D animators.

The software is widely used in the film industry and has been used to create animations in films such as Iron Man and Chance of Meatballs.


Many of the software solutions presented overlap in terms of features and can be used in all areas of graphic, environmental and product design. Content developed with 3D modeling software can be used in a variety of areas, so it is critical to ask customers in advance about the intended end use.

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Customers need 3D content for presentations or design analysis, for example. During delivery, care should be taken to upload high-resolution PNG and JPG files of the designs and ask the customer whether they need the 3D source files or other file formats such as PSD.

The effort for training in a 3D modeling software is high, but the potential benefit for the company and the graphic designer can be very high. Similar to Adobe Suite, learning the basics of 3D is a lenghty process. Many software solutions such as Blender are open source, so we would like to recommend downloading and trying them out to anyone who is interested.