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Various online-based floor tile dealers have long recognized the trend: Customers can design floor tiles according to their individual requirements online with a 3D configurator.

In this paper we would like to analyze the potential of floor tile configurators from the perspective of corresponding online suppliers. The core question is: “Is it worth investing in a tile configurator at the present time?“.[mfn]Explanations of the technical terms used in this article can be found by clicking on the following link.[/mfn]

Since a floor tile configurator is integrated into the website via the homepage, the focus here is on an online analysis.

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In a first step, we will analyze the demand for floor tile configurators with Google’s Keyword Planner using various keywords. This will be followed by a trend and competition analysis of the most important competitors.

Finally, an overall assessment is made on the basis of the findings.

Analysis with the Keyword Planner.

The following table contains relevant keywords related to floor tile configurators according to the keyword planner of Google Ads:

Keyword Search Volume Competition CPC for high positions (in €)
Garage tile design 720 High 0,34
Wood and tile flooring ideas 50 High 0,60
White bathroom tile designs 210 High 0,26
Wood floor tile designs 1.000 High 0,21
Design tiles 8.100 High 0,24
Bathroom tiles design 49.500 High 0,18
Floor tiles design 40.500 High 0,11
Kitchen tiles design 40.500 High 0,19
Wall tiles design 27.100 High 0,08
Floor tiles design for house 3.600 High 0,15
Shower tile designs 8.100 High 0,48
Tiles for bedroom 12.100 High 0,21
Tiles design for hall 5.400 Middle 0,15
Front wall tiles design 3.600 Middle 0,16
Bathroom wall tiles design 4.400 High 0,16

With little effort you can find many interesting keywords with mostly high competition. The CPCs (costs per click for Google Ads) are also relatively low, as a result a positive RoI can be assumed with corresponding investments in Google Ads.

Trend analysis with Google Trends.

Wood floor tile designs.

Trendanalyse Brillenkonfigurator

For the keyword: “Wood floor tile designs” there has been a stable and high demand for several years.

Trendanalyse Brille online anprobieren

The keyword: “Bathroom tiles design” has also been showing stable and high demand for several years. We get similar results after entering the keyword: “Wall tiles design” into the tool:

Trendanalyse Brille online testen

Conclusion: There are numerous interesting keywords with high and for years stable demand. In addition, the costs per click are relatively low with Google Ads, as a result a positive ROI can be assumed for corresponding campaigns.

Increase your conversion rate.

We help you to generate more inquiries from your website with a 3D configurator.

Competition analysis:

In the following we will take a closer look at the competitive situation. In order to get a more precise picture, we will analyze the websites from rank 1 to 10 on the basis of different keywords.

In the first place when you enter the keyword: “Garage tile design” you will find the website modutile.com:

Konkurrenzanalyse Brillenkonfigurator

The website has an average visibility.

In fifth place when entering the search term: “White bathroom tile designs” you will find the domain elledecor.com:

Konkurrenzanalyse Brille online testen

The domain has a very good visibility. With 18.636 keywords the website is in the top 100 of Google.

Now we take a closer look at rank seven of the keyword: “Bathroom tiles design”.

Konkurrenzanalyse Brille virtuell anprobieren

The domain tileshop.com currently also has a very good visibility. Now we take a closer look at the second place of the keyword: “Kitchen tiles design”:

Konkurrenzanalyse virtuelle brillenanprobe

housebeautiful.com is a website that has very good visibility.

Finally, we consider the ninth place of the keyword: “Shower tile designs”. This ranking is currently occupied by decorsnob.com:

Konkurrenzanalyse Brille online anprobieren

decorsnob.com is a domain with good visibility.

Conclusion: Among the relevant keywords, you will find websites with both weak, average and good visibility.

Overall assessment: There is a high and stable overall demand for tile configurators on the Internet. This demand is already being met by providers with varying degrees of visibility.

There is a high probability that keywords like “garage tile design” or “bathroom tiles design” will get good rankings in Google search results.

Thus, tile configurators still offer enormous potential for newcomers to the market today.

Due to the relatively low click costs, investments should also be made in Google Ads.

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