Indigo Renderer is a feature-rich software application that integrates professional photo enhancement tools to make photos look more realistic for example in 3D configurator projects. It’s packed with many advanced options and configuration features that you can tinker with.

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Customizable installer and user-friendly interface.

Complete package includes plugins for 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, file formats and program shortcuts. Any of these components can be excluded from the setup.

The GUI may seem overwhelming to inexperienced users, but it’s actually pretty easy to find your way around. You can start by importing Indigo material files, adding media, and cutting layers.

Customize a variety of advanced settings.

It is possible to select objects, configure image settings in terms of width, height, resolution, super sampling factor, aperture diffraction, tone mapping, whitepoint and compositing, as well as rendering options in terms of render mode, glass acceleration, foreground alpha, hold time and SPP, GPU acceleration, etc.

The light layers can be mixed by optimizing each color channel, each gain and each temperature. You can also use network rendering, fill a queue with multiple render scenes, and examine protocol details. Objects can be edited at any time in Properties. You can pack and unpack indigo scenes and materials, and reset layout settings.

Increase your conversion rate.

We help you to generate more inquiries from your website with 3D renderings.

Configure program options.

With Indigo Renderer, you can display a watermark, open the render memory folder without leaving the user interface, enable default scroll wheel behavior, use the network manager and set the host name, change OpenGL preview properties when rendering with textures and wireframes, and more.

Evaluation and Conclusions.

The program uses a decent amount of CPU and RAM, has a good response time and ran smoothly in our tests without the need for the operating system to freeze, crash or display error messages. In summary, the Indigo Renderer provides experienced users with comprehensive functions for simulating light physics to create realistic images.

That was our contribution to the Indigo renderer. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact our experts in our forum.

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