Do you want to improve your customer relationships and are you looking for options that allow your customers to personalize your products in real time?

In the following article we would like to introduce you to some WooCommerce plug-ins with which you can personalize every product in your online shop.

Plugins WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Customizer.

WooCommerce Product Customizer is a WordPress WooCommerce plug-in that allows you to create or customize the visual appearance of all eCommerce products on your website.

The customization is made as easy as possible so that you can visually create a variety of products that stand out from your own and leave a lasting impression on your customers. You can also add your own text and even place a custom image on your products.

It’s also optimized for mobile devices and requires no programming skills. Additional features have already been announced for future updates.

WooCommerce Options Extra Product.

WooCommerce Extra Product Options provides an easy way to manage additional product options that are published on the product page.

With this plugin you can add a custom field to the product page. For example, you can add a text field to the product page that allows a buyer to enter additional information about the purchase.

This plugin provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to add, edit, and remove additional product options. WooCommerce Extra Product Options requires the installation, activation and configuration of WooCommerce.

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WooCommerce Online Product Designer.

WooCommerce Online Product Designer is an extension of WordPress for eCommerce, which allows you to offer your customers the freedom to customize and order their products online. It is considered the best online design plug-in of all WooCommerce products at the moment.

This plug-in is very easy to use and fully customizable via the dashboard. It allows your customers to create and refine almost anything they can imagine, such as logos, t-shirts, business cards, mugs, etc.

It works and is compatible with all WordPress themes and the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer.

Woocommerce Products Designer (WPD) is a WooCommerce extension that allows your customers to create perfect logos, t-shirts, business cards, prints, mugs and all products that need to be created online before ordering.

WooCommerce Product Designer has been created using best practices from both the WordPress interface and background scripts. The result is an efficient, robust and intuitive plug-in. It works with all WordPress themes, including the standard WordPress themes and the latest version of WooCommerce.

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Responsive Product Designer via WooCommerce.

Responsive Product Designer for WooCommerce is an extension of wooCommerce that is used to design or customize wooCommerce products such as t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, polo shirts, t-shirts, tops, trousers, shorts, sportswear, mugs, bottles, backpacks, caps, clothes, sandals, shoes, boutons, etc.

With this plugin, a customer can freely design the product they want, add functions or components of their choice, such as add text, change images, font, color, size, alignment and much more.

Customers can design their products and download new items or simply select components from existing items.

This plugin has great functionality and is easy to install and configure. It is flexible and compatible with many existing plugins in the WP repository and is fully customizable.

Designers of fancy products.

This WordPress plugin is fantastic, it has wonderful features and a lot of customization options. Fancy Product Designer allows you and your clients to design and customize any kind of product.

There are almost no limitations, so let your imagination run wild. The plugin gives you the absolute freedom to decide which products and which parts of the product can be customized.

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Custom product designers for WooCommerce.

Custom product designers for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily reload any kind of product.

This plugin has very interesting features. In particular, it offers different views for the products. Furthermore, it does not require any programming skills.

Among its features are:

  • the creation of products with customizable appearance,
  • the addition of text, clipart,
  • Preview after adjustment,
  • the choice of size,
  • the support of multiple languages,
  • the user-friendly dashboard and much more.

WooCommerce Product Options.

It’s a powerful WordPress plug-in for eCommerce and allows your customers to design or customize logos, shirts, business cards, custom posters, boat labels, vinyl stickers and much more in addition to your shop online.

Not only can you customize the appearance of your products, you can also print your products. The plugin supports many Google fonts and offers a customizable color palette.

Many features are also included and each one deserves attention to get a better idea of what this WordPress plugin has to offer.

WooCommerce Business Card & Design Flyer.

WooCommerce Custom Business Card & Flyer Design is a WordPress plugin that is used to design or customize business cards, banners, flyers, brochures, posters and more on your website.

You can add your name, address, contact information, etc. You can also choose the color types, font, size and format. A user can not only upload a logo or images to a business card.

At the end, the user can simply add the card to the shopping cart. In addition, as an owner of an online store, you can pre-design a business card from the dashboard and make it available to customers on your website.

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WooCommerce Custom T-shirt Designer.

This plugin was developed to make it easy to design and customize t-shirts for sale on your website. Thanks to this module, a customer can customize a t-shirt according to his needs.

You can add a text, a number or a logo. You can also adjust the font, color, font size, alignment, etc.

WooCommerce Custom T-shirt Designer is a very easy to install or configure plugin. It has very interesting features and is fully customizable.


The presented plugins for WooCommerce offer good possibilities to realize product customizations in your online shop. Of course, you can’t realize everything you imagine, but small adjustments are definitely possible. If you plan something more individual or complex, you should contact us.

We are specialized in the planning and implementation of real-time 3D configurators and can fulfill almost any wish you may have.

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