Mass customization has long been an issue and is already considered a strategic success factor by a large number of companies. Consumers are increasingly demanding a product that can be configured according to their individual preferences and wishes (for example by a 3D configurator). Today, customers can already customize their ketchup bottles. This results in opportunities and challenges for manufacturers.

As a manufacturer of configurable products, you are in a position to address today`s consumers. But how do you demonstrate the breadth and depth of your offering without confusing your customers? How do you enable them to create their perfect product without overwhelming them with too many choices? How can you best support your customers to educate themselves? How do you keep distribution costs under control?

Today, almost every purchase decision is made online. Customers compare different alternatives, find out about the sellers and choose the product that best suits their needs.

Manufacturers of configurable products face special challenges when it comes to serving their online customers well. The customer has a feel for the basic configuration, but how does he get a complete picture of the product? Which color looks best? How do the accessories change the appearance? What does the end product look like? What are the final costs? How can you be sure that you are ordering the right thing?

Basically, you need to empower your customers to inform themselves about your offerings, explore configuration options and choose the configuration that best suits their needs. Integrating 3D visualization and configuration software into your website can help your customers achieve these goals in an entertaining and appealing way.

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A potential customer who is involved with 3D visualization and configuration features can select colors, surfaces, options, and accessories. You can compare what two different configurations look like. You can view the product from all sides in a realistic 3D view and see how your selection affects the final price.

You do this decision making in your spare time, in your own home and at your own pace. As you do this, you will invest more in your product, your company and your brand. Your product will become a product that is tailored to the needs and wishes of your customers.

When the customer gets in touch with them, he will in most cases be close to a purchase decision. They are more qualified and more committed. They are confident in their purchase because they have seen exactly what they are buying. They see the colours and accessories, an estimated price and the product itself from all sides and perspectives. Customers who can`t make this experience are likely to switch to a competitor.

IdeaRoom not only creates a more committed and confident customer, it also increases their sales productivity. Your salespeople start with better qualified leads. Your customers already know what they want and that it fits their budget. They spend less time describing basic decisions, creating quotes and repeating options. Time with customers is better used as you focus on the intricacies that differentiate your product from others. Conversion rates will of course increase.

These benefits will continue throughout the rest of the organization. When the sales order is complete, the detailed configuration information can be immediately made available to manufacturing to ensure that the correct configuration is created.

Finally, IdeaRoom Technology helps manufacturers build closer relationsships with their customers by integrating them directly into the configuration of their product and giving them the confidence that you are getting exactly what you designed.